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Dear readers, a lot of you email me asking about my favorite interior design books and where to find them.

The book Country Chic by the Dutch Interior Designer BEATRIX KLEUVER is one of my favorite interior design publications.

Beatrix Kleuver, who lives in the countryside, is a very talented interior designer and country living is a source of inspiration for all of her gorgeous designs!

Not only nature but even history are great sources of inspiration to her work.

In the book ‘Country Chic’ she takes us along the interiors of historic and contemporary country estates.

The book counts numerous beautiful photographs by the Belgian photographer Jan Verlinde.

This book is ‘a must-have’ !  Since I bought this book , I have it on my kitchen table and I love to look inside the book over and over again.

You will love visiting the website of Beatrix Kleuver !!!


Book B KCover ‘Country Chic’ by Beatrix Kleuver   Source Amazon


2011-10-18_105309 Source Wonen Landelijke Stijl Februari-Maart 2010  Photo credit Jonah Samyn


For a preview of the book ‘Country Chic’, please visit the website of Beatrix Kleuver HERE.

To order the book Country chic : here   or here.


I really would love to hear your thoughts about the work and the book ‘Country Chic’ of Beatrix Kleuver !!!



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