Decorating with glass

 As it is Christmas time, I love to put some time in decorating my home not only with typical Christmas ornaments but also with decorative accessories which are placed around the rooms of my house since no time. So maybe I will regroup them or rearrange them or put them together with other decorative stuff in another room of the house.

That is what I plan to do this weekend.

The pictures here below show some of my favorite decorations with glass candlesticks, vases and bowls, grouped together.

Maybe these images will inspire you to get your candlesticks, vases and carafes out of the closet and to regroup them in a decorative way.


The first picture is my favorite. And it is taken by my favorite Belgian photographer Claude Smekens. Be sure to visit his website to discover the most wonderful pictures of interiors and gardens!

5 Source : Magazine Landelijk Wonen Dec-Jan 2012  Photo credit Fotografie Claude Smekens

I do love glass candlesticks and carafes grouped together this way.


6 Source : Magazine Landelijk Wonen Dec-Jan 2012  Photo credit Fotografie Claude Smekens

A candle holder and a glass sphere.


4 Source : The Essence of The Good Life blog

Beautiful glass for the tablesetting.


2 Source : unknown

Group of glass pots.


18 Walda Pairon  source unknown

Gorgeous candlesticks.


10 Source : unknown

Group different hights of candlesticks together.


12 Source : unknown

Glass bottles as candleholders!


1 Brigitte & Alain Garnier Antiques  source

Beautiful wine carafe and glasses.


17  Photo credit Efie De Grande

  My living room.

 3 Source : La Maison Charmante blog

Glass everywhere!


8 Source : unknown

Good idea!


15 Photo credit Efie De Grande

Picture taken in my living room.


19Photo credit Fotografie Claude Smekens

  Group of candleholder, wine carafe and sphere in my living room.


Happy weekend to you all!



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