Which would you choose? And a guest post!

Happy Monday to you! Notice a new banner? Told you this would be my new obsession, so don't be surprised to see it change from time to time. These are all my own house so it has special meaning:)

I am sooo honored to be featured on one of my absolute most favorite blogs in all of blogland, I am being featured today at Splendid Sass. Lovely Teresa chose to feature me, my home and shop and I am so touched and thrilled. And let me tell you, its like a book...she did an unbelievable job posting pictures of the house that even I forgot about and was so happy to see! I mean we are talking about Teresa, who posts THE most beautiful images to be found in the entire blogosphere....always something totally jaw droppingly gorgeous to see over there! I am naturally tickled pink to "make the cut" and be featured! So do head over...promise you will be glad you did. Click here to visit!

 A new week, and summer is here....woo hoo! I feel like its going to go by so fast already, I am ready to christen the new season with a much anticipated lobster dinner, a beach day and a nice cool tropical mixed drink! Whenever summer rolls around, I cannot help but think about how much I want a beachhouse. It happens every year....sure enough.
But then again when I visit NYC, it makes me long for our old apt. and yet again when I go to a lake, naturally I am craving a charming laid back lake house. And lets not forget about my dreams of becoming a modern day farmgal complete with my own charming farmhouse, a big thriving garden and only the sound of crickets. So all this desire brings me to my post today. Lets just imagine you and your significant other, your family or just you! has decided to buy a second home....a vacation reprise. Where oh where would you go? The beach, a lake, a bustling city pied a terre, so many possibilities but you can only choose one! So think hard, and let me hear which would be your choice!! I cannot wait to hear!

                                               CHOICE 1 This charming and cozy beach house

                            CHOICE 2 This picturesque tranquil lake house right on the water

                  CHOICE 3 This fabulous and chic  apartment high in the sky in your favorite city

           CHOICE 4 This idyllic farmhouse on a large plot of land with not a neighbor in site

CHOICE 5. Or who needs the maintenance? Give me a lifetime of airline tickets and my passport to be free to discover new places on a whim........

I am so torn between each of them.....truly there is something to love and lust after with each lifestyle including the luxury and freedom of traveling whenever and to wherever you want but then again, those airport lines, the chaos, removing your shoes, no water bottles, on second thought an actual physical vacation house that's all mine sounds really good afterall. But which to choose? I cannot wait to hear what you have to say! Wishing you a fabulous day.


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