Enchanted gift giving and a holiday giveaway!

Hi there. Really hope this shows up when its supposed to (Sunday morning) I have for the second time tried to schedule this in advance (first time I tried it, I was unsuccessful). So hope you are seeing this on Sunday morning! Hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving! Anyone taking advantage of black Friday? We are not home but even if I was, that "scene"is just not my thing. I am very claustrophobic and just don't see the point of purposely delving into such chaos. Lets face it......retailers are going to be having all kinds of deals right up to Christmas eve.  How are you doing on your own holiday gift giving list? Like me and haven't bought a single gift? I am gearing up to start though right after Thanksgiving.
 I have gotten several emails/inquires about suggestions for my favorite gifts from my shop. As I started to reply, I thought this might also make a great post as well as answer questions some might have. So here's a few of my favorite things and some suggestions to boot from my online shop. To celebrate the season I am also hosting a wonderful giveaway, all details on the bottom....
(Click on item name to see it in my online shop)
My favorite gifts for under $50.00......there are many wonderful, unique and special items. The monogrammed items are fabulous and personalized. They also ship out really fast, generally 3 days after orders been placed. Tell me who wouldn't love to receive a box of gorgeous heavenly scented soaps bearing their initials! Ditto a candle. Anything silver always works and linens and monogrammed anything are about as wonderful as you can get! And lets not even begin to talk about the fabulousness of the newly added napkin rings.....
This elegant candle in a crystal urn is fabulous....and is a gorgeous decorative vase when the candle is gone....$45.00

Gorgeous crested tray, perfect for a bath vanity or nightstand, for men, great for wallet, coins and watches and for women rings, small perfume bottles, etc....$45.00 

 Love the French bar/kitchen towels. Several styles to choose from. Gorgeous hostess gift too especially when accompanied with a bottle of wine! $25.00

The ever so popular pewter coated napkin rings. Absolutely exquisite. I love the idea of giving one or two and letting them start a collection. Every special holiday giving another to add. Several are doing this...love the idea and am going to be doing it myself. $45.00 (for a limited time)

Over sized elegant monogram in a set of 3 luxurious linen guest towels. A very elegant gift $30.00 (great hostess gift too)

Beautiful square candle bearing a three initial monogram $25.00

A personalized wine bucket with tongs, great gift for the man who takes his bar seriously! Everyone needs an extra ice bucket! $35.00

The other style of the gardenia candle in crystal urn, so pretty! $45.00

Beautiful silver cake spade with horn handle....also great for a hostess! $25.00

Who wouldn't be over the moon to get a set of 12 of these gorgeous linen cocktail napkins with an oversized initial? Also wonderful paired with a bottle of wine. $30.00

I think anyone would be delighted to open up a box of custom soaps with their initials! They come in ovals or squares, in boxes of 3, 4 and 6. They start at $25.00 for a box of 3

For the gifts at around $100 there are several that not only I love but in fact plan on giving to others this Christmas some of my most popular items, which  are......
A beautiful scalloped blue and white planter, also fabulous filled with a holiday plant! $85.00 

The super popular squirrel pewter nut bowl...just fabulous with its own little acorn scoop. Every time I give one, the recipient is absolutely thrilled...very unique! I like to give with a can of nuts on top. $85.00

 Super functional but so personal by getting it personalized. The three letter large carving board is an excellent gift. Also great when paired with some kind of boxed food (crackers and cheese, cookies and/or fruit) on top...perfect gift. Theses start at $22.00 and the large is $60.00

A gorgeous porcelain and ormolu decorative box....easy to find a place for this pretty little jewel $75.00 

The porcelain and ormolu soap dishes are $60.00 and $70.00 (also very nice to enclose with a small guest soap or box of candies)

Love these Staffordshire dogs, available in a few colors, highly decorative and only $55.00
 The Bavarian bread boards are multi functional..great to use as a decorative object and wonderful to serve on. I serve crostinis and make bread and cheese displays on them, starting at $70.00

 Any one could use this! Dip n serve board is super practical but really custom because its monogrammed. $60.00
The trivet is fabulous. I use it all the time for antipasta displays when entertaining, love the chunkiness of it, a great looking piece (comes in round or rectangular)
 The Spanish olive trays are really popular. Again perfect for display or serving. I love using them for cheeses and serving crostinis...starts at $75.00
 A very elegant and old world looking planter, fill it with a holiday plant and you are set! $70.00

A beautiful vanity or bar tray, beautiful detailing $95.00
Love this little tray, so perfect for a ladies vanity or even in the kitchen as an elegant way to hold spices on the counter top, $70.00
And for really over the top special gifts for that special someone, a few of my faves....
 My favorite ginger jar. Oversized and chunky and fabulous! $235.00
An oversized large blue and white porcelain bowl, beautiful for display or filled.....$155.00
Gorgeous super heavy etched crystal compote candle filled with a whopping 50 oz of gardenia scented heaven! These are the same that are seen all over the Ritz Carlton. Really fabulous! (Can also be sent back for refills) $155.00
I love the idea of one of my ormolu and porcelain soap dishes paired with a box of monogrammed soaps....a perfect gift! Together starts at about $105.00
Gorgeous pair of solid pewter pheasants, fabulous for a dining or console table. Very elegant! $215.00
A beautiful needlepoint pillow. I have a really exceptional selection of the highest quality aubusson and needlepoint pillows, stuffed with down. Starts at $150.00
A pretty canvas art. So many wonderful scenes to choose from. Starts at around $115.00
 Love this rustic multi functional heavy wood and iron farmhouse cutting board, $185.00

 A gorgeous very popular  etched heavily detailed old world planter, put a pretty poinsettia or orchid in there, and you officially have the ultimate gift! $135.00

 Another really well received planter, beautiful crest, super elegant. Can also be used for champagne and wine and/or ice bucket! $140.00

Antique dough bowls...no two are alike! Starts at $175.00, a very popular item!
Giving a set of the napkin rings....amazing ultimate gift. Wonderful for that someone who " has it all", its fun to mix things up and put a different one at every place setting.
So has anything here caught your eye? Or are you like me and you find yourself making a list of things you want to give yourself? LOL.....I think there are a lot of us out there!
On to the giveaway....... I am giving away one box of 3 monogrammed soaps and a porcelain and ormolu soap dish to one lucky winner! I will announce a winner Tuesday morning. All you need to do is leave a comment here after visiting my online shop, click here and come back here and tell me a gift you would like to receive. Remember....anonymous you must leave a first name and last name initial. Ditto to anyone who signs in with just a first name, I will only count you in if you include your last name initial in the body of the comment.

And finally for all those who email me with their comments....you must leave a comment here on the blog to be eligible. Its very easy, where is says "kindly leave a comment" go to the drop down menu, you can sign in with google or just put your name (you can use first name and last name initial) then type in your comment. Yes, its really that easy! Good luck to everyone, hope you have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping in!

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