A serious blue and white pillow quandry!

Good morning! Oh my gosh.....it is feast or famine. When it comes to blue and white anything......there really can be too much of a good thing! In trying to add some finishing details to my covered porch......I couldn't find any pillows I loved, now I have found over a dozen and cannot make up my mind....HELP!  I have never admittedly spent much time on Etsy so never really "got" it. Oh boy once I started looking for blue and white pillows however, it won me over. And won me over fast. I have been looking for about a month now for the perfect set of blue/white pillows and found a few I liked but not loved, at Frontgate but just could not justify spending $150 on a simple cotton pillow (not to mention I need a lot of them).

So by chance I stumbled onto Etsy and I was floored by the selection and the prices!  My only quandary now is narrowing it down..I want them all!! Which do you love the most? I always love to know your thoughts. I will be mixing and matching 2 or 3 different patterns and will have squares and lumbars. Here we go.......

Now here is where these bad boys are going...I want pillows on everything!

 Just ordered  two garden seats for either side.....

Now do a visual with the pillows........

(if you want to refer to any of these just say row A, B,C,etc......)

And then there were even more (some are repeated).......

6. I really like these three 6,7 and 8  a lot also....



10. Love 10 and 11, one of the first I found that I loved!

11. I do  love this one too....

13. These three were originally what I was going for.......

16. I like the colors and how fresh this feels....

17. Thought this was pretty and elegant too


19. I like the idea of using a trellis pillow with a pattern

20. I like this a lot too

And just when I thought I  couldn't take another batch of blue and white temptation to confuse me even more,  today I found these..........and I really like these too!

I have seriously not been this confused in a long long time.Normally I see something I want/love and just go for it. There are so many combinations here I am loving...... I seriously want them all!! On top of that I need to make a quick decision, we have a Fathers day party happening and I would really like to have the loggia almost done (or at least as much as possible).

 Could I change out the pillows monthly? Just kidding kind of. So many beauties!! Help...need your input!  What's exciting you here?

P.S.Also if you missed my sale on enchanted items, . There are still a few goodies left, I have indicated which are sold. Thanks!

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Thanks as always for stopping in...wishing you a fabulous day!

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