The handbags are here, the handbags are here!!

Good morning! So excited! I posted these a few weeks ago as an item I LOVE and was hoping to carry. Many of you had inquired and I promised to keep you posted.  As luck would have it, I was able to start carrying them and am happy to announce they have arrived as we speak! I am getting in about 14 pieces of assorted colors in the most beautiful quality leather.  Some I am getting one or two of but the more popular/neutral colors, 3 or 4 of each. I have a feeling they will sell fast.

I guarantee that this one of the most chic, beautiful totes you will ever own. Best part is they are so affordable. As an opening offer I am am selling them for $375. This is for a limited time only They will normally sell for $400 which is still 15% below retail. Absolutely scrumptious bag.... I own one and its my very favorite!!

The lowdown...super soft high quality leather, little "feet" on bottom, two pockets and measures 13" x 22" and yes easily fits over the shoulder!

Take a look.....


Cloud blue
Autumn orange
Kelly green
Dark military


And a few pictures per your requests to see how they look in action  and if they fit over the shoulder....yes they do!

Interior shot

So pretty, don't you think? Hard for me to pick a favorite color! And soon to arrive will be some fabulous "feather weight" cashmere scarves and love love them and own them in a few colors. They are the ultimate light weight cashmere scarf to wear around your neck, perfect for travel too!

If you are interested in reserving your bag me at You will looooove this bag! Thanks as always for stopping in, wishing you a beautiful day!

If you missed my post on patina, yesterday,'s worth a look!

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