Say hello to my newest sponsor.....Glyn Weakely!

Good happy to be here with another truly fabulous sponsor! There is "one stop shopping" and there is ONE STOP SHOPPING! If anyone exemplifies it in the most elegant way is most certainly Glyn Weakley! An Atlanta based retail shop and design firm, Glyn Weakley has me weak at the  knees:)

Her interiors are so gorgeous and elegant and the taste level is just sublime. Based out of Atlanta, they are well known for having fine home furnishings but have ventured into things like Herend collectibles,  jewelry (extensive selection),  candles and personal accessories like gorgeous capes and such. They offer a full service interior design service in addition to having a beautiful retail shop. I am thrilled to be partnering with them and welcome them as my newest sponsor!

For anyone in the Atlanta area, I am sure you know of them already but if you don't you simply must! For anyone not in that area, the good news is they have a fabulous website and ship all around the country! Ready to take a look at all the beauty? Let's go.......

Some beautiful examples of their interior design work and a little background on how this gorgeous shop and business came to be from Glyn herself.......

Prior to opening her shop, Glyn realized the need for reproduction furnishings and accessories that were beautiful, timeless and of good quality without the expense of purchasing an antique.  This began her quest for reproductive pieces that will be tomorrow’s antiques.  From aubusson pillows to porcelains to furniture and other accessories, Glyn offers a selection of merchandise that offers the look of old; pieces that will be collected and passed down to future generations.

For those whose taste leans more towards the contemporary or transitional, customers can find updated styles and trends to “modernize” most any room.  To blend the old with the new can give great interest, dimension and character to the interior of the home.  

Glyn Weakley also offers design services that reflect her eclectic style, her passion for design and her elegant taste and eye for beautiful interiors.  Known for her sophisticated yet comfortable styles, she creates rooms that please the entire family.

Some of the beautiful things they sell in their shop......ooh la la!

As well as furnishings and decorative accessories, Glyn Weakley Interiors has a wide selection of gift items from fragrant candles and diffusers to beautiful coffee table and inspirational books to Herend porcelains to beautiful frames, there is something for every taste.   Glyn Weakley Interiors has also become known for her fashion jewelry including Fantasia, Stephanie Kantis, Elyssa Bass and Simon Sebbag.  New this year have been scrumptious fur trimmed ponchos, capes, wraps and sweaters; the perfect compliment to any outfit.    

We can provide shipping for those not in the Atlanta area.  We have arranged shipping for furniture and accessories from New York to California; so do not let a little distance intimidate you!  We have found over the years that many customers in different areas of the country are very limited in what they can find to suit their tastes, so we are thrilled to ship our “sense of style” beyond the Atlanta area.  We have many repeat customers that stop by to visit our shop as they are passing through our city and have in turn passed along our name to their friends, so the web continues to grow!

Whether shopping for your home, special gifts for friends and family or fashion jewelry for yourself, Glyn Weakley Interiors is the place to shop!

Please visit our website @ and like Glyn Weakley Interiors on Facebook.  Also, do not hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions about the merchandise you see.  You may also email us @

Happy shopping!
 Here is Glyn shown with her precious Lexie, the official store greeter!

So many beautiful things!!! Let's see, I will have the high backed settee, the pair of ginger jars, the black cape, a few pieces of the jewelry and the pair of cherub statues:) Definitely pay them a visit, as the offerings are just stunning! If you happen to be in the Atlanta is the address of their lovely shop. And to see their fabulous website!

3489 Northside Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30327

Thanks for stopping in to take a look and thanks and welcome aboard Glyn Weakly!

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