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As I often get emails of you asking about Belgian interior design magazines, I would love to introduce you to one of our leading home and interior design magazines.

HOME SWEET HOME is a quarterly Belgian magazine showcasing the best of interior and architectural projects, that Belgian building contractors, architects, interior designers and landscape designers have to offer.

This is the cover of the latest issue (Spring 2014) of HOME SWEET HOME.

2014-03-12_110054Cover HOME SWEET HOME Spring 2014- issue 83

By posting pictures of 2 projects, featured in the 2 latest issues of the magazine, I will try to give you an idea of what the magazine has to offer.


Project I  :  featured in the latest issue – Home Sweet Home Spring 2014 n°83

Credits : Project by Domus Aurea - architectural design Thierry Lejeune - landscaping Ludo Dierckx – Photography Hendrik Biegs

An aged rural exterior merges here with a contemporary, slightly tighter interior.

Twined volumes, various exquisite salvaged building materials, time honored techniques and a lot of passion led to the successful accomplishment of this project.


Twined volumes built with salvaged materials – Belgian reclaimed bricks and roof tiles. Combining steel and wooden window frames. At the far right you can see a glimpse of a thatched roof.2014-03-12_110351  Image source Home Sweet Home FB page


Contemporary interior design.2014-03-12_110408Image source Home Sweet Home FB page


Airy and light kitchen with glazed walls to obtain a panoramic view of the garden. The reclaimed wooden beams seem to go from the inside to the outside.2014-03-12_110427Image source Home Sweet Home FB page


Reclaimed Belgian rooftiles – Notice the reclaimed oak wood used here - Façade of reclaimed whitewashed brickstone.2014-03-12_110442Image source Home Sweet Home FB page


Looking through the steel window you notice a steel double door. Gorgeous!2014-03-12_110134Image source Home Sweet Home FB page


Project II  :  featured in the issue of Home Sweet Home Winter 2013 n°82

Credits : Project by Bouw-iD - Architect Jurgen Weyne – Interior design Séverine Jaspar – Photography Caroline Monbailliu


This house is newly built, in the middle of the Flemish Ardennes. It is realized with recycled building materials and numerous almost forgotten construction techniques. That is why it does look so authentic, as it has been there for ages. The extension - an aged oak construction - accomodates the kitchen.2000Image source Home Sweet Home Website


Beautiful oak frontdoor with Belgian blue stone surrounding. A wonderful match with the color of the limewashed brick façade.2000 (1)Image source Home Sweet Home Website


The interior, combining clean lines with reclaimed materials.2000 (8)Image source Home Sweet Home Website


The inside of the wooden extension, accomodating the kitchen.2000 (6)Image source Home Sweet Home Website


The traditional and rounded stucco, the beautiful woodwork and beautiful floors give the house a charming look.2000 (4)Image source Home Sweet Home Website


Combination of clean lines and the use of wood.2000 (10)Image source Home Sweet Home Website


This new build house melts away seamlessly in the countryside and in the Flemish architectural history.2000 (14)Image source Home Sweet Home Website


I am sure you all will love this Belgian magazine !


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