Enchanted guest #14....say hi to Debby from Inspired Design!

Good morning, the red carpet of fabulous bloggers just keeps on coming! Today I have my buddy, Debby from Inspired Design here to present a lovely post, a take on my "Which would you choose" and its a keeper! Debby is the talented tour de force behind her super fashionable and chic blog, Inspired Design. I love the way she so effortlessly combines the worlds of fashion, home decor and thought provoking messages.

I always stop to think about what she has written all the while enjoying the magnificent images she posts, she truly has a fabulous formula down!  She runs a regular series entitlted "That inspired girl" which is not to be missed! Debby lives in the Boston area and is one talented lady,  besides begin a blogger extraordinaire and stylist she also does beautiful graphic design.

She has many a fabulous blog design under her belt, so if you are need of a blog or website makeover, you should contact Debby. On top of all that talent, Debby is an incredibly nice person, whom I consider a friend. For those of you not familiar with Inspired Design you must stop over for a visit! She is one of my very first stops every morning and a visit to blogland would not be complete without seeing whats happening over at Inspired Design.  Click here to see what all the fuss is about. Debby, many thanks for stopping in!

Before Debby takes the floor, I wanted to share with you some gorgeous blogs that Debby has designed...talk about talented! I definitely know who to call when my blog is in need of a little "facelift"!
First her own beautiful blog header and other chic blogs she has designed......

Hello Everyone! It's Debby from Inspired Design. I'm thrilled to be guest posting for the very sweet Tina while she's in the middle of her big move. Isn't her new home a complete dream? 
I love Tina's series: Which Would You Choose? So, that is exactly what I've decided to do!
I have to admit that I get a little stressed choosing sometimes because she always provides so much eye candy to go along with each post in the series. 
So, with that said... Which alfresco setting would you choose to dine with loved ones?

Choice #1

Choice #2

Choice #3

Choice #4

Choice #5

Choice #6

Choice #7

Thanks so much for having me visit, Tina!! It's been a pleasure -Debby xoxo

Debby, now I know how all my readers feel.....you did not make this easy. But after furiously scrolling up and down several times, I have come up with my final answer! I have to go with choice 7, the all white setting and that ridiculous fantasy like view sent me over the edge......does it get better than that? I cannot imagine where or how! Thanks again Debby and to all of you for stopping by, click here to visit Inspired Design! Hope you have an enchanted day.


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