Enchanted guest #7 say hi to Teresa from Splendid Sass and we have winners!

Good morning everyone, I have a lovely guest post from Teresa of Splendid Sass today but first the giveaway results! WOW,  I was not expecting such a major response to my celebration for my one year blogging anniversary, it almost felt like I needed an assistant to help me "crunch the numbers" with 436 entrants! Thank you all for participating, I really wish I had a prize for each and every one of you!  So, without further adieu, the winners for all of the fabulous prizes using random picker are.........drumroll please!

GRAND PRIZE, the gorgeous rug goes to......ANN MORCK

PRIZE 1, the yummy pagoda Seda France candle goes to........TISH JETT

PRIZE 2, the delicious Chinoiserie Seda France candle goes to......AYESHA MARSHALL

PRIZE 3 the pair of king and queen towel/coat hooks goes to........I DREAM OF

PRIZE 4 the darling French apron goes to........DELLA

PRIZE 5 The Trish McEvoy makeup kit goes to..........FASHION ISHA

Prize IDWinner IDPublic InfoPrivate InfoRandom Sorting IDWeight
1027274ANNE MORCK007CEF43-0F01-42A9-8844-08A4BD99468F1

Prize IDWinner IDPublic InfoPrivate InfoRandom Sorting IDWeight
1: S. FRANCE1027064TISH JETT000EE029-D4D7-4F94-84B6-B4C3BF5FD66B1
2: S. FRANCE1026998ayesha marshall00884580-3760-4E8D-856A-C0501DE638C41
3: CROWN HOOKS1026945I dream of019D0F6D-641B-4634-8500-D0CBCCEC4B901
4: FRENCH APRON1026738della01F48E78-3A2C-4356-8F2D-9B3731ABABB11
5: TRISH MCEVOY1026977fashion isha0213D123-298B-4523-AD7E-674AAEBE49821
Congratulations to each of you. Please contact me ASAP so I can get your shipping details.

You are in for a wonderful treat today from my good blogging friend, Teresa from Splendid Sass.  I love Teresa's spin on everything and today she is showing us what she loves about libraries and boy she nails it!  I really love this post, and am definitely bookmarking this one, Teresa!! Thank you so much for stopping in and to all of you, my readers.....be sure to stop by Splendid Sass, a chock full of beauty blog that you will be happy to have found just like I was when I did many months ago. So here we go.....

I am so happy to be here with Tina, author of one of my very favorite blogs, as a guest while she continues putting the finishing touches on her new castle home.
My favorite room in the house is the library. It is such private, personal, and warm room, and I can just wrap myself in the cozy decor. ENJOY!

Thank you, Tina, for inviting me to share with your readers.  I had so much fun visiting!

All images via my Pinterest
See you soon,

See I told you....this woman knows how to deliver! Thank you Teresa, so many beautiful libraries, I will surely refer back to this post as we start our own and now I am really feeling anxious to get busy, having seen these beauties! If you like what you see, there is much more where this came from....visit Splendid Sass by clicking here. Wishing everyone a fabulous day! Tomorrow I will be bringing you what I believe is my final house updates post, as it looks like we are really finally about to move!!  Can you believe it! Wishing you a fabulous day. Stay tuned......


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