Random musings, store loot and new chargers!!

Hi there! Phew..its already Thursday, where did this week go? As with all my random musings posts, this is a little of this and a bit of that. So how is your week going? Have you started seeing a serious overload of holiday decor and then some? I am seeing Thanksgiving, Christmas and Halloween decor everywhere! Fun but a little scary too, I mean I am still weaning myself off of the fact that summer really is over.  But have to say I am definitely finding a new pep in my step now that fall is officially here.
So lets get started.....some pics were taken with my iPhoto as my camera had a melt down (being overly abused I suspect). There's some exciting house updates and some great new store loot too. This ended up being a longer post than I anticipated so here it goes.....
Buzzword this week is my bathrooms! Amazing what 2 beautiful mirrors and a gorgeous chandelier can do.....
Back powder room with mirror hung...its a love for me. Sorry for the little misplaced things, it was a work in progress:)

Then to my main powder room...got the gorgeous mirror up with the new chandelier and I must say I am madly in love.....remember I am going for a jewel box super elegant formal vibe here. (The reason the drawers are not closed is because I am waitin for my handyman who is coming today to cut out the back to fit under the sink)

I have a "thing" for topiaries, urns, orbs, you name it....so was excited to get a great resource for high quality moss orbs! I put them in my urns and have to say I love them, elegant and understated.....

And with both done.....

Also have started doing a little "fallish decorating around here"...subtle touches but sure signs that fall has officially arrived......OK its only one planter but promise my goal is to finish the second one in the next day or two:)
Only have one done and am still tweaking it...but its a start!

The back planters are not keepers, they are not at all what I am looking for but they are there for now...

New loot. A few exciting things came in, you know I am like a kid in a candy shop and have to share right away!!! I know many of you were waiting on me to get more chargers and I scored 24 more beauties!!  As is always the case with this vendor, I only get in one or two of each item so I don't normally put them up in my online store, by the time I do they are sold. So for easy reference, I have numbered each picture if you care to email to inquire about anything, click here to reach me. Some real beauties.....
Picture 1 got in 3 pair of these stunning black tole metal planters with gold detailing, super elegant!

Close up of picture 1

Picture 2 These pretty silver vases, great detailing stands about 12" tall, have four

Picture 3 Got a few more black tole chinoiserie pieces, two gorgeous garland umbrella stands, one more crown planter and garland tissue box

Picture 4 A lovely assortment of sought after guest towel tray holders.......love these!

Picture 5 An "antiqued ornate small wine cooler or small ice bucket

Close up of picture 5

Picture 6, filigree etched wine cooler, stunning!

Picture 7 crown guest towel holder in silver

Picture 8 ant. brass crown guest towel holder

Picture 9 ant. brass bamboo guest towel holder

Picture  10 Elegant silver filigree guest towel holder

Picture 11 dark silver guest towel holder

And here are the gorgeous chargers I got in unexpectedly!! These are stunning, oversized and fabulous. Sold individually....I have a total of 24 pieces. First come first serve.......
Picture 12 chargers, heavy and ornate...fabulous!

The charger with a plate of mine to see how they look....stuninng!

Picture 13 Elegant scalloped old world tray for soaps or guest towels

Picture 14 Old world elegant oversized antiqued silver tray "The Madison Hotel, New York".

This is PERFECT for a bar!!

Picture 16 gorgeous old world tray with handles and ribbon detailing about, 19" wide
Picture 17 Stunning blk tole planter or small wastebasket, I have 6 of these...love the gold rimmed scallop detailing

Picutre 17 close up

Already put my two to good use...

Also clarification on soaps.......yes I do have the squares too. They will be added by the time you read this......they are also great looking. The soaps are with good reason a very popular item in my store...best part of all once your order is placed, they are on their way to you within THREE days!! Awesome for last minute gift ideas. Click here to see them.

Also for anyone who is considering the monogrammed linen napkins/guest towels or cocktail napkins, price increase going into effect Sept. 25th. They will still be priced well below full retail price and are still an absolute bargain.....just letting you know! Where else can you get a set of twelve monogrammed linen cocktail napkins for 30.00! Click here to see them.
Oversized dinner napkin with elegant hemstitch finish

Gorgeous guest towel with oversized monogram and hemstitch detail

Stunning cocktail napkins with oversized monogram
Close up of monogram.....

So thats what's new and exciting over here. I am having 50 people (family party) over for dinner on Saturday and am going to be really busy over the next few days. Naturally will try to capture as much as I can but since I am a little out of being in entertainment mode, I think I am going to need to really stay focused to pull it off! Feel to contact me with any questions or inquiries. Thanks so much for stopping in to see whats new over here. Hope you are having a fabulous week and wishing you a wonderful day! Be back soon.......


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