The chargers are back in town.......and a few new goodies!

Happy Saturday morning to you. We are having the most spectacuar about you? 70's, breezy, clear skies...doesn't get better.  I was really happy to have gotten in a small batch of unexpected goodies from one of my favorite vendors.The good news is that 28 of the scalloped chargers was amongst the loot. I know many of you have inquired about the they are here! The bad news is some things are already sold.
 Unfortunately I am not able to get large quantities of these gorgeous items, as much as I wish I could. They sell and do private label for a lot of big time very upscale brands and I get things here and there. I take what I can get because I love it all. I normally do not list these things in my store since its only one of each item, so I make up a post and show you the goods.....if you are interested in anyhting just email me here.  So here's the goodies........anything catch your eye? Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

The chargers, normally sell them in groups of 4 but selling these individually, email me with inquires. Click here to email.

The prettiest way to dress up any table year round is with a stunning pewter coated charger.

Just look at how beautiful they look on Melindas gorgeous "ladies brunch table"...ooh la la!

And a few other gorgeous pieces..........
This is a really fabulous bowl, so much intricate detailing, about 22" wide, very impressive piece!

I LOVE black tole pieces...and then add gold and handpainting....soooo gorgeous!

Love this elegant umbrellas stand....

And this planter which I own.....

Adore these painted tole planters with scalloped edging.....I have 6 of these.

Had one of these a while back, gorgeous for magazines, logs or as a beautiful trashcan.

Beautiful for guest towels, the perfect size.

This is one stunning tray...super detailed. Really fabulous and very very heavy.

Love this shape, perfect for a ladies vanity or a bar!

Love the scalloped edges with French writing

Very oversized about 25" x 17"...just fabulous!

Stunning filligree detailing and etching

Pretty detailing on the side of the tray...perfect for a bar!
Love artichokes....put some in my pretty little planter.

Got in a bunch of soaps for orders...they are so fabulous! They smell as beautiful as they look, had to share!

Was out and about and fell in love with both of these settings. I have no place at all for the orange bench but I am totally in love with it. Then I have always loved a rustic feeling bench at a beautiful table and the green is particularly gorgeous...think this is so pretty!

The gorgeous color, the design, the square garden benches....fabulous!

Just love the idea of a green rustic bench.......great looking!

So that's the latest over here. Hope you have a wonderful weekend planned, whatever wonderful means to you, relaxing, chockfull, whatever it is to you...just hope its great! Thanks for stopping in, be back on Monday.

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