Orchid fever and a blizzard have struck and a winner!

Good morning, well here in NY we got socked by a blizzard of epic proportions! We are covered in  white everywhere you look!  Guess be careful what you wish for....I was moaning and groaning about the lack of snow, well mother nature certainly delivered and showed me whose boss!  I had to share some pictures because we all know everything looks prettier in snow! We were supposed to leave for Boston today but clearly we are not going, bummer but better to be safe. Hope if the snow has impacted you, you are safe and staying inside!

This batch was taken as the storm was cranking up.....

 And then this is what we woke up to this morning........22 inches later!

Forgot to show you my new lantern for the front door.....from Arte de Mexico, love it!

Next order of business I have a winner for the beautiful blue and white flower pot!
Congrats goes to......


44  Amy @MaisonDecorFebruary 6, 2013 at 11:45 AM
Wow so much to love~I loved the wallpaper or mural in that dining room (the chinoiserie one). And your breakfast table setting was amazing too Tina! You continue to inspire in such a dedicated way on this blog! Nice going!

This was my original post.....so it turned into a 2 for 1!

If you have been following me for a few weeks or  for an entire year, by now you  know I do  love my orchids. They bring elegance and grace to any space they enter. Then you add a beautiful planter and the effect is dazzling. Every few months I go on an orchid binge and buy a dozen or so. Truth is even though they are pricier than a lot of other flowers,they actually end up being one of the best flower bargains because they last so long. Most cut flowers or flower plants last 2-4 weeks.

On average my orchids last I would say about 3 months, sometimes even more. So its a great investment that requires little upkeep except for water and a good amount of sun and a lot of love. I adore  them in every room and my love for orchids is one reason why I buy so many planters! I don't think you can ever have enough:) Any fellow orchid lovers out there? I buy them from a local florist but have also picked them up at the Home Depot greenhouse. And you know what, they are really nice looking, good quality plants.  So here is  a little recap of my orchid buying day.....

It all starts with an island (a messy one) filled with all my containers. I would do this outside if it wasn't 10 degrees!
 More containers and unloading the orchids........
 First pair ready to go to powder room.....

 Love this planter..this is a new one in my online shop

 Orchids and classic silver planters go together like blue and white:)
 I know these are not orchids but I had to how you my gardenais in bloom!

I know these are not orchids but just moved my oversized blue and white jar with cherry blossoms to front foyer and kind of liking it!

Love orchids in silver...so classic!
Another one of my silver crested planters from my online shop
Love this tole crown planter filled with orchids.....

So what about you? Do you love orchids too and use them in your home?  What is your favorite way to plant/pot them? I just can't get enough and when you consider how long they last...they actually are might I even suggest economical! Hope wherever you are, you are safe and warm. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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