Say hello to the new kids in town.....and a giveaway!

Hi there!! I love when I get new things  in that have me really excited! Tabletop and personal accessories...two of my most favorite things that I seem to not be able to get enough of (my husband will attest to this) Is there any thing more fun than setting a beautiful table? This addition was born out of my love for entertaining and setting pretty tables.... When I find a line that I not only love but is really well priced, the first thing that comes to mind is selling them in my online store. Hence how my tabletop section got started.

 It is just  the beginning and over time I will be adding on, but for now I am super thrilled to be introducing these fabulous serving pieces, gorgeous linens (think spring), and super chic serving dishes. Everything is of the highest quality and priced right... a winning combination! These are as of today up on my online store, click here to visit.
LOVE these stunning classic salt and pepper shakers (very heavy, beautiful quality)

Margot salt and pepper shakers (heavy and beautiful quality) $45.00
Madeline salt and pepper shakers, heavy and beautiful quality $48.00
  Close up, just so elegant!!
Serving these!!
All three styles come in slotted spoon, salad serving set, serving spoon, spreaders, cake spade
 Large wicker serving spoon $16.00
Close up of handle
 Heavy acrylic clear salad set $28.00

 Wicker cake spade  $18.00
 Antler and silver serving spoon $18.00

 Antler and silver spreader (set of 4)  $35.00, all three handles are offered in the spreaders

These are the three handles offered.....

And how about these classic porcelain and wicker serving dishes! These are so great for the summer! Comes in 5 sizes...all soon to be added, very elegant way to dress up any table.....

This shape is so practical...for larger dishes like mains or a lasagne, and the smaller one for potatoes, or these! (removable wicker liner)

 Another oval med. ideal for sides
 Oval serving dish with wicker basket  $39.00 perfect for vegetables or any side dish

Another love for me is accessories, I am a definite girly girl. Love handbags, clothes, jewelry, beautiful bath products, you name this section, while not the focus of my shop is just another extension of me and what I love. Got these awesome spring/summer bags, wicker/rattan with fun leather trim and bamboo accents. How great are these? They look like a million dollars but are soo affordable. I think these are so  chic!! I cannot wait for the warm weather to arrive just so I can use these bags!! For now these will be under New arrivals, some are now listed as of today and more are being added  but they will soon be in their own little section entitled "Personal accessories"and you better believe I will have fun building on that! So take a look at these here for new arrivals.

The totes are only $75.00 the clutches are $60.00
Love the bamboo and top stitch detailing....

Each of the clutches comes with a gold chain if you want to use it over the shoulder.....

  And the best part about this post is that I am offering a giveaway!! I am offering up either your choice of  one salad serving set or a salt and pepper set to celebrate! One winner to be announced on Friday morning.
To enter.... all you need to do is visit my online store, come back here and tell me one thing you would to receive. If you can't stop at one, no problem pick two or three:)  Anonymous- you must put your first name and last name initial in the comment box! 
To all my subscribers who email me with their comments- PLEASE click on title of my post in your email, it will take you directly to my website where if you scroll to bottom of post you can leave a comment. Either by signing in with gmail, or just putting your name or anonymous. This is the only way I get the names for the contest.
  If you want a second chance, leave a comment on Ana laila's Facebook page, by clicking here. 
As always if you have any questions at all about anything in my online store, just email me here. Thanks for stopping in and wishing you a wonderful day!

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