Early week musings.....

Hi there. First off...I am TOTALLY overwhelmed by the literal outpouring of information, advice, tips, recommendations, must see's and do's, and invitations on my Southern road trip post. You guys are the best, and exemplify to the hilt what southern hospitality is all about!

Seriously from the comments (and many emails I got) I think I could publish my own "Southern road trip travel book- enchanted style"! I cannot thank you enough. The only downside is my head is spinning as there is soooo much I want to see and do and time will not allow for all of it. We took the hot humid weather into consideration, so if you see a woman in a large straw hat with a mini portable spray bottle/fan running around taking all the Southern prettiness in,  you can point at me and say "I know you" :)

Believe me I will have an arsenal of "tools"  to keep me as cool as possible or at least comfortable as can be expected but given our own 100 degree heatwave for the last 7 days, this little lady is ready to do battle (but do hope the AC is blasting everywhere we go)!  Even the Southern heat will not deter our trip.......some have asked why August? Simply because once the school year begins, it's much harder to carve out the time , a lot more going on so we have this wonderful little window and are taking full advantage.

Anyway just wanted to say thanks a million,  thanks to you I have more than enough restaurants, cultural stops and highlights, shopping and hotel recommendations to sort through, no need to buy any guide books!! And of course if you missed that post, you must take a look by clicking here.

Moving along..today's post is a totally random post as they are every week. Ready to get started?

A new stationary line. Oh no, this could be dangerous. You know my love for beautiful fine stationary and then throw in gorgeous monograms, and its positively lethal! Alexa Pulitzer's  line is sooooo exquisite. Check it out and if you want to visit to visit Alexa Pulitzer. This soooo makes me want to plan a party, wedding, birthday fete for myself....something!

A good rose wine. No time is as perfect for indulging in a chilled glass of rose as summer time. Its the ideal time of year to enjoy this light and mighty pretty wine. A few people had asked me for my personal choices and though I am far from being a oenophile, I do  know what I like!  A few I really love are.....

On the higher end....(Domaine Ott)

 On the lower end of the price spectrum....... (Cupcake Rose)
And you just know I love this label:)

Both are light, fresh and crisp. Perfect to have on hand for when you have guests over or just for yourself...cheers!

Speaking of monograms. Found a wonderful source for monogrammed pillows over at my new hangout, Etsy. I ordered one to be sure it works and that I like it. Calico Daisy is the name of my resource and surely one I will back to again and again..she was wonderful!  And boy does it ever work and I don't like it .......I love it! I am so excited to order a batch now and have since made some decisions for the back patio. Going to keep it simple, with solid navy and doing the Imperial Trellis in navy pillows....if I feel the need for more pattern, I can always add, but think this clean tonal look will look fantastic with the furniture. Can't wait for it be completed!!

 I have created my own little blue and white oasis....and cannot tell you how much I enjoy hanging out here!!

The Imperial Trellis in navy

My home. Not a whole heck of a lot going on in all honesty, but little things here and there. I do hope to step it up come fall (in preparation for the holidays as scary as that sounds)! One of my favorite items for my online shop is the statuary and planters line. I love the big pieces but really love the smaller planters because they make wonderful containers for inside, especially for my orchids. Two of my favorites are below. I found a great local resource for orchids (actually in the Hamptons but a great excuse to head out that way for an orchid fix) and had fun planting them into my containers. All containers shown are available on my online shop, you can visit by clicking here. There are a ton of other sizes/styles available so be sure to inquire if you are looking for something specific.

This urn style is a total classic, looks as beautiful filled with an orchid as it does a fern or hydrangeas
 This is the most popular finish, white moss and looks just like old statuary, no one can believe its fiberglass!

 The other egg and dart style, a little wider...perfect piece for  a large orchid plant!

 As you can see I am a big fan of this line....given all the pretty planters by my own front door:)

 Brought it inside, and absolutely love it in this vignette...so soft and elegant!
 Adore my little white Staffordshire doggies....wish they weren't discontinued!

Shop news.

 I have the good fortune of coming across steals and deals on occasion. I have built a good base of resources and have a decent amount of buying power and as a  result am starting something new as an offshoot of my online shop. Every week or two I will be offering "enchanted steals". These will be limited opportunities to purchase decorative items at substantially discounted prices. They will be limited in quantity, will not make it to the online shop (due to limited quantities) and will be offered through my blog only (and possibly on Ana laila's Facebook page).

In addition I will have a small "ad" on the right of my blog which will say something to the effect of "Enchanted steal of the week". I can assure you that the prices will be rock bottom. So.....here are whats up for this week! I have about 6-8 of each item. I am always scouring the market for affordable pretty containers, I like them both for my own home and to keep on hand for gifts, even when you buy an inexpensive plant, it looks so much more elegant when put into a pretty container, so I always have them on hand.

So this weeks "Enchanted steals" are a few containers, prices and sizes below each item.

Item 1. $40.00 for three. Beautiful white glazed trio of garland pots. These are stunning and measure-


 Adore this trio of white ceramic pots....everyone can use something like this, I like the idea of using it for towels, guest soaps too!

Item 2. $20.00.  Lovely painted/glazed white ceramic pot. Perfect for flowers and to use in a bathroom or Kitchen too! Measures 7Lx5.5Wx7H.

 Using one myself to hold my utensils...so much prettier than the conventional ones!

 Love it for an orchid too......

Item 3. $22.00. This is a beautiful stone pot. Highly versatile, perfect for flowers and/or guest soaps. Measures 12Lx7.5Wx6.5H.

 Love the idea of filling it with soaps!

 Equally pretty for some lovely orchids!

And look what came back in stock these gorgeous tole lamps that had sold out! They will soon be added to my online shop but they are available now and for sale...just email me if interested!

You know the drill....if interested in any of the above, just email me and I will invoice you and these pretty little goodies will be on their way. Be sure to stay tuned for more great deals and steals on a regular basis......always on the prowl for something good and it's even sweeter when its a deal, right?

Thanks as always for stopping in....wishing you a fabulous day and start to your week!

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