My weekend as seen through my iPhone.....

Hello and Happy Sunday morning to you! I am back, after a busy weekend. I am soooo looking forward to doing a whole lot of nothing today:) Hope your weekend has been a good one. Ours started with the opening night party at ArtHamptons a premiere art event in the was packed to the gills and loads of fun. The "interesting" people watching was off the charts, but it would have been way too obvious for me to start taking pictures of them, but trust me use your imagination and assume that I saw it there! The art was everything from "that"s art"? to incredibly imaginative and fascinating.

Then we went to Princeton, NJ for a tournament for my was a HUGE tournament with hundreds of teams but I was able to carve out a little time early one morning (on a Starbucks search) to take a few pics of lovely Princeton, both the University and charming town. The architecture is just jaw droppingly beautiful, most of the older original buildings are done in a Gothic Revival style with intricate stone work, incredible limestone detailing, stained glass windows that are a work of art and thick gorgeous slate roofs. I was in heaven! I guess intellectual minds do better in beautiful surroundings:) So it was a fun weekend.....busy, exhausting and we even got a monsoon thrown into the mix. We had rain, the likes of which I have never seen and then within two hours the sun was out.....crazy weather!

Anyway here's a little peak at some of the highlights of my weekend courtesy of my iPhone......

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 ArtHampton.....this was sooo cool. The musicians are suspended about 20 feet up in the air.....very dramatic!

"The scene"
 By far this took the prize! This was a newstand, approx. 10 x 8 feet. The ENTIRE stand was made from cut up blue jeans. You had to see this in person but the detailing was incredible!!!!!

 I mean down to the shine on Obamas face....can you image how painstaking this must have been?

 Amy......loved her music (still do).

 Arriving on Nassau St. in Princeton,  which runs adjacent to the campus and is the hub of this charming downtown

 You know I loved seeing these pretty boxwood orbs in the classical white planters!

 Every building was simply classic!

 How gorgeous are the windows to this library? Only at Princeton would the lights be on at 6:45 am on a Saturday morning and no doubt there were people in there studying:)
 The pretty theater building

 I loved the intricate detailing on this magnificent limestone opening
 One of the many charming homes that surrounds the outer perimeter of the pretty!

 To give you an idea of the sheer breadth of this window it was probably a good 18 feet tall!
 Idylllic Nassau St.....the "main drag"
 Spotted this adorable corner bakery.....
My baguette radar was on high alert :)
 The imposing gates to one of the best universities in the world
 What do they say about the pearly gates............:)

 Loooove the old slate roof, magnificent!
 Even the darling Ralph Lauren just oozed understated charm
 This beautiful building made me feel like I was in Switzerland or pretty
 Adore the flowerboxes!

The beautiful Shea rowing beautifully set.

 It was a hazy morning but so calm and serene......
 And then the sun came out full force!
 Shout out to my parents...they had lived in Rochester, NY and all I heard about was how great Wegmans I had to satisfy my inner curiosity and went in. It really is a wonderful market!
 Only I would become enthralled with the shopping cart canopies/ beautiful are they!! I wanted to take one home and turn it into my dream greenhouse:)
 There was a beautiful array of flowers, and so much more!
 There it is again.....
 Just call me obsessed!

 Back at the lacrosse fields and back to reality!!!!!
 This was taken about 30 min. prior to a literal rained like I have never seen complete with lighting and thunder. Everyone was drenched to the core, all games were called was quite a scene:)
 And when the sun came out....look what I spotted. A darling family of deer...this was a definite highlight:)

And then back at home.......
The Belgian block driveway project nearly done

Loved coming home to my beautiful white hydrangea trees, so in love with them:)

The hydrangea trees which will soon be put into their planters

Speaking of beautiful white azaela topiary is coming back to life, put it in the powder room, hasn't flowered yet but it will soon!

The beautiful blue and white antiqued large bowl from my shop holds a new cutting of hydrangeas from the yard

And pretty hydrangeas cut from the yard and placed in my blue and white bowl

And made this pretty cheese and fruit platter served on the bread boards from my shop the other night before we left

So that's a wrap up. Hope you enjoyed. Wishing you a wonderful and relaxing Sunday!

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