Belgian style living rooms


Elegant Belgian living rooms.

If you like to decorate your living room in the Belgian style, you should combine rustic elements with a modern aesthetic to create a simple, not boring, yet cozy and comfortable room.

Choose for a neutral and soft color palette, no strong colors. Notice that nowadays there is a growing tendency to paint walls in a pure white.

Bring in rustic elements as reclaimed ceiling beams, reclaimed wood floorboards or reclaimed stone flooring.

Pay attention to the fire place and keep it in proportion with the architecture of the room.

Combine antique pieces with modern furniture.

Coffee and side tables can be made of metal or wood, or have a metal base mixed with a wooden or stone top.

Avoid decorative excess to keep the room clean and simple.

Add well-chosen accessories, as wicker baskets, antique or new made pottery and ceramics, in combination with simple artwork.

Use Belgian linen for seat upholstery, slipcovers, pillows and drapes.

Add throw pillows, using them as a color accent in your living room.


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