Wishing it was real


The Belgian chocolatier GODIVA brand (founded in 1926) is known in over 80 countries around the world and owns and operates more than 450 boutiques and shops worldwide from New York to Paris, Tokyo to Dubai.

In 2009 Godiva opened the shop ‘Chocoiste’, a new concept store in the popular Harajuku district in Tokyo, Japan. The famous Japanese based interior design firm Wonderwall, founded by Masamichi Katayama, completed this exceptional shop design.

The shop has a primarily classical interior, combining humorous and fun design details such as the “melting chocolate” ceiling, which looks as if it's dripping with chocolate.

Visitiors would wish it was real and could eat chocolate off the walls and ceiling.


2Melting chocolate seems to drip from the walls and ceiling.


1‘Dripping chocolate’ wall downstairs.


6Detail of the chocolate-coloured paint.


3Absolutely stunning! Simulating chocolate running down the walls.


4Second floor café, where visitors can enjoy their time with chocolate.


Godiva chocolatier's shop in Harajuku, Japan

7The two-storey shop with its glass front, is open to the street, so passers-by can view both its entrance as well as the customers enjoying their time with chocolate on the second floor cafe.



Godiva chocolatier

Interior design Wonderwall Japan

All photos by Kozo Takayama – Source Wonderwall





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