Guest posting today at Haus Design!

Good morning to all my lovely readers...hope your week is going well. I am so excited to be over at my friend, Barbara's blog, Haus Design. I was thrilled she asked me to participate in a new series she is running, Design in five, about five things I would want to do or feel the need to do if starting with a blank room. I hope you will pop on over and visit me there.

 Barbara is just the sweetest, such a gracious and classy person, she has a beautiful eye for elegant European influenced furnishings and her blog is always a divine treat for the senses. On top of that she is soon going to be opening her online store which I know will be a big hit with her fabulous taste and incredible resources from all over in Europe. She lives in Munich, Germany so I love hearing and seeing the unique perspective she offers. In any case, please come on over and visit me there and discover Haus Design if you are not yet already familiar with her blog, you are promised a real treat! See you there!
Click here to visit!

By the way for some of you who asked about the results of last weeks, "Which would you choose' here are the results.....





What can I say, you all have superb taste!!  Wishing you a beautiful day.


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