Things I am loving Fridays and house updates!!

Good morning!! Hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful, healthy and happy Thanksgiving holiday! So who else was reaching for their pants with the elastic waist this morning? I was and likely will be for the next few days, I cannot lie.  But it was sooooo worth every bite, every calorie and every minute spent eating my most favorite meal of the year with my beloved family. It was truly a relaxing day, spent doing nothing but reminiscing, playing a few board games, watching a favorite movie and of course we had to oblige my father and watch a little football!! Hoping yours was equally relaxing and wonderful. So lets get started with this weeks house updates and things I  am loving.

HOUSE UPDATES. Things are really moving and shaking at the house. The big news this week is the front door/entrance, it is really coming together and I am loving how its turning out. It makes such a huge difference now in the front facade of the house. When they are done with that, then we have to add the spires to the corners of the rooftop and facade wise we are pretty much done!   I was bummed, naturally that we were not there for Thanksgiving however I have come to grips with it and now concentrating on getting there by Christmas! So we are starting to slowly pack up a bit, and I do realize that even when we do move, hopefully in a few weeks,  we will still have plenty of work going on, but we should have the kitchen/breakfast room and family room completed as well as the kids bedrooms and a guest room. That is good enough for me. They will continue to work while we are living there and something tells that the work pace might just get stepped up a little with us underfoot! So below is this weeks happenings........

Front entrance is finally coming along!!
We are now waiting for the top half....

The right facade window is complete

They are working now on the inside of the tower

So nice to finally see it looking near completed!

Family room, floors sanded getting stained on Monday, then all we have to do is wait for mantle

Dining room floors just got sanded, now we are waiting for stain to be done on Monday

My closet in progress
I think an island is very functional but I keep going back and forth if I really want it, or just put a big oversized tufted ottoman there in its place
The doors waiting to be painted then they will be hung
Hubby's vanity is done!

Upstairs railing from landing

Door knobs
Stair hall, the coloring is a little off here, it looks orangey, it is not trust me

Laundry room

A WALK DOWN MEMORY LANE. Nothing like pictures to "take you back". I,  six or seven years ago didn't put many pictures on my computer, at that point I was still getting them developed in my local stores,  wow that sounds so antiquated! But I did find a few, of my old house and wanted to share them with you. It was so much fun remembering it, and all of the great memories, I have there. I thought you might want to see these walk down memory lane with me!

I love this sideboard! My dining room all decked out for Christmas....

My dining room

A foyer console

The rear part of the foyer

Our living room, regrettably we started to furnish last so this was the least "decorated room" in the house, hence the lack of window treatements, and the owners ended up buying almost all the furniture! This was the living room in progress, right before we sold it.
Rear of the foyer
Looking from upstairs landing into my bedroom sitting room

Kitchen/breakfast room
Christmas was in the air!

ST. HELENA OLIVE OIL COMPANY. Have written about them before but got a few gifts recently from them for the "foodies" in my life. And I must say their products really are fabulous, fairly priced and tell me one person who doesn't want to get something from beautiful Napa Valley!! I also like that this small boutique operation is run by a small family, and has been for 15 years who has stayed true to their core mission of delivering high quality products and supporting the farm to table movement. Its also nice giving something you know they can't find anywhere else around here.This year they introduced an all natural bath/body care line as well. I like the simple organic looking packaging, do you? Click here to visit.
The Classic Vinaigrette, comes with balsamic, sea salt, olive oil  and peppercorns
Ultimate body care gift set
Pasta Pasta set
Oil herb dipping oil
Sea salt

CUSTOM WINE LABELS AS GIFTS. Oh boy.... I had fun with this company which I just found out about a few weeks ago. Have a wine lover in your life? How about giving them a favorite wine with their own custom label attached? Such a neat and creative idea, also great for parties! I also got the matching coasters. You can get creative with what you add on the text lines....This is a great company with endless possibilities for all kinds of labels, but I thought the  wine labels were particularly great. I am really into giving personalized gifts this year, so these were perfect for those that enjoy wine.  Click here to visit. 

For a good friend

Did this one for my sister

BEST FOLLOWERS. Yep, this is one thing I am REALLY loving this week more than ever!  I just want to say with regard to the "drama" of last week, I try to see the silver lining in everything and in that situation, it was the UNBELIEVABLE outpouring of support I received from fellow bloggers, readers and followers. Just this morning many days after I still got a few more emails.....I was overwhelmed by it frankly.  You made me realize how special blogging is and reminded me of what an amazing group of people make up this community. So, I just wanted to thank you once again. I consider myself to be very lucky to have you.

                                                 Nice and positive people only please!!

Wishing everyone a happy day....and would love to know if there is anything you are loving or have discovered that you want to share! Any great resources for gifts for the holidays? Is anyone taking advantage of the black Friday sales that you cannot help but notice and hear about? I mean, shopping at midnight is so out of my realm of possibilities....beyond the craziness of it, I am wiped out and ready for bed these days at 10 or 11 max, did anyone go midnight shopping? Wishing you a wonderful day.


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