Which would you choose? And a giveaway!!

Hey there, remember how I was going on and on about how much I love my Scout tote, the one that is now my official sidekick and THE perfect tote to accompany me on all my appts. as it really does hold everything! Well, I was contacted by them and they have generously offered a giveaway for their super popular huge hold everything Deano Tote (just like mine)!! You get to choose the print from 19 very chic prints. All you need to do is go to their site, come back here tell me a product you love and voila...you are eligible to win. I will announce the lucky winner on Thursday. Good luck.....click here to visit Scout/Bungalow. Now lets get started with "Which would you choose"? (Only those comments who have included what they like from the Scout site can be included in the drawing)

Good morning......by now you certainly know the drill! Well, after you slaved over your tapas dinner it is time for a well deserved break! Needless to say it was a major hit, the wine has flowed liberally, one gorgeous tray after another was presented from your beautiful kitchen to your adoring guests who did not stop with the accolades. Yep, to say you aced your tapas dinner is a serious understatement.
Well....after a little dessert and coffee out on the terrace, your husband has planned a movie viewing for everyone in your theater/media room! Its a surprise and a welcome one for you....as at last you get to put those hard worked feet where they belong.....up!! So its time to choose a room to where you will be retiring for at least  two bliss filled hours while the movie runs. Your dear hubby bless his little heart has offered to take care of the popcorn/candy servings throughout the movie and insists that you not move a muscle. "Wasn't going to even think about serving up another morsel, you all are on your own, "Oh sweetie thank you soooo much" you gush! So off to the media room you all trudge, delightfully full from the wonderful dinner and ready to settle down to an entertaining flick.....soooooo which room do you choose? Can't wait to find out!!

Warning- Viewing this photographs is known to inflict viewers with FWWAF (Forget work, watch a flick) Proceed at your own risk.........

                                                             CHOICE 1

                                                              CHOICE 2

                                                              CHOICE 3



                                                                    CHOICE 6
                                                                  CHOICE 7











Wow, do you have a case of FWWAF? I do! I think I have it narrowed down to two, but its not an easy decision. How much fun would it be to have one of these wonderful rooms in your basement? Only problem is it could become highly addictive and that could become a big problem. I could see it now...my kids wondering where I am then my youngest, rolling his eyes saying "like you really need to ask....duh" and then they would all collectively sigh knowing where their mom is while pointing down to the basement,  and say  "oh yea in her new "hang out, where else". That would be me! So..... just as well I don't have one. So, two things, tell me which is your absolute fave here and tell me a favorite item over at Bungalow! Good luck and thanks for playing along!! Enjoy your day....

P.S. Thank you so much for all of your amazing advice on migraines, I was thrilled to hear from so many but sad to learn so many of you too have experienced them too, they are miserable! I am now trying a new medication, and am going for another CAT scan, so we will see how it goes. I think this round was a bad stubborn cluster headache that lasted awhile. I am celebrating today to just finally feel normal. Going to the supermarket feels like a big deal! Health is wealth....boy is that ever true:)


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