My store opening and a few thank you's!

Hi there! Phew..... what a week. I must say it was a lot of fun pushing the publish button on my new store. It was a little impulsive as originally we were thinking in a few weeks, then I figured its basically done, so what the heck...why not! I then debated about doing this on a Saturday vs. a weekday but again threw caution to the wind and announced its opening. Well, I cannot tell you  how overwhelmed I was by everyone's kindness, generous words and support. I got quite a few sales...honestly it was somewhat unexpected but very exhilarating! So....thank you to each and every one of you. 

I can be impulsive with things but I was so eager to share my favorite things and I figured this was a great way to get myself back into the design world and I get great joy in helping others make their home pretty! So.....I take it one day at a time, I know there will be glitches, and hiccups as I like to call them (part of the journey) and hope you will bear with me and be patient, I promise I am working hard to make things perfect! 
I was also so pleased and truly touched  when I saw a few of my blogging friends gave me "shout outs" (this would make my son cringe just my using this very word) but it warmed my heart to see that they spoke about my new store and I want to say thank you to this truly extraordinary, incredibly generous wonderful group of women who I call friends, each and every one of thank you ladies!! (Please stop by to say hello to them if you have a minute)

Teresa over at Splendid Sass

Jennifer over at Belclaire House

Marianne over at Style for Living

Part of my mission in opening this store is to show people that you don't always needs an entire new room of furniture to transform your home. I am a big believer in the power of accessories and creating beautiful little vignettes all over your home to create pockets of beauty and luxury. It is amazing the transformative qualities that they have over us. 

Life in general today is so fast paced, hectic and stressful that walking into a beautiful home, big or small at the end of a day is the icing on the cake. Whether its lighting a candle, or being greeted by a gorgeous orchid planted in a beautiful pot, stepping into your bathroom and seeing all your pretty little things displayed on an elegant tray...... it is all these little touches that mean something. I  wanted to show you a few favorite goodies about to be added to the store and how I like to use my own goodies here at home. 

Hope you will stop by and take a peek, and thank you everyone for your unbelievably kind words and wonderful encouragement.Click here to visit the store.  I am having fun being busy busy busy but Its all good........

Don't think I need to tell you how much I love porcelain and especially blue and white but this red (very Herend-ish) looking planter has me seeing red!

 I looooooove blue and white planters/footbath, fill one of these babies with a beautiful orchid or a big pot of hydrangeas..and bam its instant elegance added to any setting!

I cannot tell you how much I love my silver..........

And some more fabulous needlepoint pillows which everyone seems to love....

And how I like to use some of these things in my own home......and to show that I practice what I preach!
How about a pretty white azaela tree in blue and white!

Orchids and blue and white are a perfect pair!

Love small rolled guest towels placed in a pretty little planter for a guest bath

And pretty little hand soaps placed in a beautiful crystal dish

And why not place your kitchen essentials on a beautiful silver it an old world feel and I swear everything tastes better!
And...if you don't like to cook, when things look pretty you might be more inclined to give it a go! 
Love orchids planted in a great big blue and white container

Even like putting tea bags in a pretty little dish.....

Pretty lemon leaf topiary.....

Another orchid in a pretty blue and white planter

Love my bath lotions and powders on a elegant silver tray...makes everything look prettier!

In my bathroom love having my monogrammed towels rolled and placed in this gorgeous silver planter...

So how do you like to use your favorite objects? Like what you see? Stop by and visit me at Ana laila here! Have a wonderful day!


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