Orchid love....let me count the ways!

Good morning everyone!! Busy busy week this week.....ever feel like there are simply not enough hours in the day? That's how I am feeling this week! But things continue to get done. Still lots of odds and ends being tied up here but we are moving in the right direction. Will hopefully do a mini update post on the house in a few days, and of course very busy with the new online store. Have lots of orders to process and sort, there is a learning curve but I catch on quick:)

One of my absolute most favorite flowers is the beautiful orchid. So elegant and regal, it is one  of the few that as a lone flower, can stand up against the best of them. I have always loved orchids, and try to have one or two in my home at all times. They just make me feel happy and pampered, as most flowers do. I cannot think of a single flower or plant that can transform a coffee table, console, kitchen or any room for that matter like an orchid can.
It just adds instant elegance,refinement, sophistication and beauty and always works in giving that extra height to a vignette where differing heights of objects makes all the difference. So today is a tribute to the beautiful orchid plant, and clearly it works in virtually any room, any setting, any color any style! What do you think? Where and how do you like to use orchids?  Are you as crazy for orchids as I am? I most definitely have orchiditis..........

Love this gorgeous setting, perfection! Mark Sikes
Talk about luxe!! These yellow orchids steal the show, Anthony-Masterson
My old house, I always had an orchid planted in a pretty container on this console
Orchids always work on a vanity in a bathroom and in fact the humidity is good for them, Kevin Allen photography
Love the idea of a large orchid planted alongside hydrangeas in this fabulous centerpiece, Rinfret
Love the effect of having a single orchid plant in a formal powder room/guest bath, Kendall Wilkinson
In a pretty silver pot, the orchid here is an elegant way to give height to the other objects in this tonal setting, Courtney Hill Interiors
A large orchid plant and an object or two works beautifully here, Thomas Pheasant
A beautiful blue and white container holding a large orchid on a center table is a no brainer, Mary McDonald
Orchids in a kitchen or pantry? Absolutely yes! Atlanta Home mag
In pared down, calm spaces, an orchid is a wonderful touch, Jan Showers
My old house again, this was a center foyer table....this was a big orchid planted in a tall ormolu planter, it added height and beauty and gave a great sense of scale to the space
As pretty outdoors as they are in, Southern Living
Talk about making a statement when you walk in, placing an orchid in an urn on a center table is always a great idea!
The orchid here in this eclectic setting by Jenny Wolf is like the great neutralizer
When in doubt how to set up a coffee table, an orchid in a pretty container, and a stack of a few beautiful coffee table books ALWAYS works in ANY setting, I promise! Jan Showers
Love it on a small side table, it gives great drama Rinfret
Even on a small table...look at the impact the orchid gives, Jennifer Ferreira
Orchids are also wonderful on top of a mantle, LBG Interiors

Love seeing an orchid on a coffee table for some height and to make a setting interesting, Andreas Trauttmansdorff
They work in all types of rooms....how gorgeous they are in this more transitional room, Accent on Design
Catlin Wilson shows that they work in all kinds of settings, including more modern ones
Love how it looks on this pretty vanity, Graciela Rutkowski
Amazing how just a single potted orchid can add such elegance to a small setting
A big bowl of orchids and a few books are always a winning recipe for a coffee table, Robert A.M. Stern
Why not add one to an unexpected place like a closet! Taylor Hannah
Also like the idea of placing a large orchid on a sofa table/console behind a sofa, Veranda
Beautiful even on a small side table, so graceful. Plum Interiors
Proof that orchids work in any style home, even in an eclectic room like this, Knight moves
I think they always work on a console table flanked by other smaller objects, HB
They work beautifully as a stand alone tall object on a coffee table, Kips Bay showhouse
This "recipe" has worked for me time and time again. An urn or large container with a nice sized orchid flanked by two lamps on a console or side table. Instant success! Knight Carr

So what do you think? Do you have a case of orchiditis like me? Its an affliction I am afraid there is absolutely no cure for! Love them...and good news is that they have honestly become more affordable than ever. We have a few florists locally that carry really exquisite large ones that seem to outlast all the others but even Home Depot gets them for 19.99 and though they may not last as long, its a beautiful effect for a month or two....just get a little creative with your containers, and voila, you have yourself an instant pop of elegance to add to any room in your home! Wishing you a fabulous Friday.


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