The ‘aristochiens’ portraits byThierry Poncelet

In response to a blogpost titled ‘Belgian Musings’ by Vitania of the Verdisgris Vie blog , that was posted earlier this week, I received again a few emails from my readers asking me to tell something more about the painting, that was shown on one of the pictures on the Verdisgris Vie blogpost .

Thank you so much Vitania for posting about Belgian Pearls! I so appreciate it!


As I received emails not only this week but also during the passed years asking me to tell some more about the painting, I decided to write a post about the artist of these amusing dog portraits.

Thierry Poncelet is a Belgian artist, born in Brussels, now residing in Monaco. At a young age, his grandmother, who was also a portrait-painter, encouraged him to paint and draw. After studying Fine Arts at the St Luc Academy, he joined workshops to learn the art of painting in a traditional way and restoring fine paintings.

One day, as he was working on an aristocratic portrait,tired and bored by the ugly face of the Lady, he had the idea to replace her face by his own dog’s face! The first ‘aristochien’ was born!

I do love the idea that Thierry had to search for 18th and 19th century portraits at flea markets and attics and to give them a new life. Forgotten family portraits were given a new ‘dog identity’ and became famous aristochiens.

Mr Poncelet has become a succesful artist and his paintings are sought throughout the world. His unique paintings have been exhibited at many leading galleries.


 3 Painting by Thierry Poncelet haning in our library.


1Thierry Poncelet and me. I bought the painting ‘Le 102 ième Dalmatien’  from the artist himself in 1998.


Some of Thierry’s latest paintings.

6Le filet à Papillons  Image source


9 Le Comte de Montecristo  Image source


5La du Barry  Image source


8Monsieur le notaire  Image source


7La plus ancienne golfeuse  Image source




PUBLICATIONSBookBooks of the paintings by Thierry Poncelet.  To order : HERE and HERE.


Are you interested in one of Thierry Poncelet’s paintings or do you want to know more about his exhibitons, please visit his website HERE .




Do you like the ‘aristochiens’ of Mr Thierry Poncelet? I would love to hear your thoughts!


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