Back from the Cotswolds


Hello my friends, we are back home from a 3-days trip to the Cotswolds, the most beautiful and most famous part of the UK! This area really stole my heart!

Since a long time, the Cotswolds were on my ‘to visit’- list and thanks to one of our clients who lives in the area, Jan and me had the opportunity to explore a part of the region after we had a meeting at our client’s home.

The Cotswolds are often called ‘the heart’ of England.

Today I share with you a few pictures I took during the trip! No much words needed!

I will post more about the Cotswolds in a later post!

1Cirencester, Barnsley


2Cirencester, town center


3Cirencester, Barnsley


4Cirencester, Barnsley House


5Antiques shopping in Stow


6Cirencester, The Village Pub  (photo source The Village Pub website)



To know more about The Cotswolds, please click here, here and here.

Jan and me are in love with this beautiful and inspiring area and we definitely will go back to see more!


I wish you all a wonderul Sunday!



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