Bring on the green.....and a green thumb giveaway!

Good Thursday morning to you!  One of my favorite things, especially this time of year is gardening, watching everything turn from a pale dull brown to a rich vivid green. Of course normally in April, we are getting our gardening gloves out, and hitting our local nurseries on a weekly basis. Don't know about you but over here we are still having winter like weather....mother nature are you listening? Assuming spring really is anything more exciting than seeing a simple long stalk start to bloom into something wonderful, floral and fragrant? I think not! I love it and except for the potential poison ivy risk (for those of use who are allergic like me), nothing can keep me away.

I have a particular obsession with white flowers against manicured boxwood, have for years and my online album is chock full of reasons why this combination works. So today, we are taking a look at all the beautiful ways to grow a beautiful lawn/garden and then the lowdown on a wonderful gardening gloves giveaway courtesy of   Angela's Garden, home to some of the prettiest gardening items  I have ever come across.  So its a double treat today. How about you? Do you have a green thumb or maybe an "aspiring" green thumb?
White against the green is always spectacular!

  This is total perfection!! Vicki Archer of French Essence
Who said blue and white porcelain is just for the inside!

 Love the way the white flowers border this magnificent hydrangea garden! Dirt Simple

Love the idea of a pebble walkway bordering a lush green lawn, Grace Design
 Love the tulips with the topiaries.....Midway Nursery
Stunning white hydrangeas with the rich dark pretty! Deborah Cerbone

I love the idea of an arbor feel...and the white flowers against the green backdrop is breathtaking! Grace Design
I want to be sitting there right now with Teddy at my feet, a cold glass of lemonade and a great book! Care to join me? Statlie Todd

Adore the gorgeous roses flanking this stunning balustrade wall......I bet the scent is intoxicating!Grace Design
Totally dreamy! I love small courtyards and intimate enclosed spaces like this.....
YES to climbing ivy!!!!!!!!

 How beautiful and luscious this is! Lenk Design
You know my feelings on black doors, topiaries and ivy!
 Breathtaking! Proof that white and green are always a winning combination! Deborah Cerbone

This space is incredible!

Love how the orbs have a "base" of beautiful white flowers...gorgeous! Deborah Silver

Another beautiful shot of s small enclosed courtyard, so inviting and lush....
  Love the orbs, statuary and the boxwood wreath
  Wow!! Isn't this a stunner of a garden, Tuinadvise
 Never has green, purple and white looked so spectacular together!
And to get your green thumb is the giveaway lowdown from Angela's Garden!
GIVEAWAY!! A wonderful giveaway from my favorite gardening website, Angela's garden. In honor of the spring and gardening season just arriving, they are offering a wonderful gardening giveaway of a gorgeous pair of gardening gloves and matching knee pads!! Such a great thing to win....and the perfect items to get your green thumb in motion! 
To be eligible, just visit Angela's Garden by clicking here, come back and tell me a favorite item or pattern. Want a second chance? Like them or leave a comment on their Facebook page,  click here to visit them at Facebook. I will announce  the lucky winner on Friday morning!
All anonymous MUST include your first name and last name initial in the body of the comment to be eligible.

And the matching knee pads (all available in one of four colors)

On a totally different sidenote.....I just got 10 more of the navy trimmed raffia bag that sold out almost immediately. I promised to announce if I was able to get more. This is it for the season so if you were one of those who wanted to buy it but got there too late....they're back for a short time! Its such a chic bag and only $75.00! Click here to purchase.


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