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This is one of those long posts...consider this a forewarning. Grab another cup of coffee and "take five" (or ten) and enjoy.....

First things first, time to announce two lucky winners!!

Congratulations first to the winner of the  anchor raffia bag....

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I think I have your shop memorized! And of course I have an extra long wish list. Give me anything in blue ad white, monogrammed or silver!
Absolutely love your aluminum alloy serve ware! They really put entertaining over the top.
Won your soaps at Christmas which are just beautiful and have the entire guest baths smelling great!
Could I possibly win again? Hate to be greedy but I hope so.
Exciting giveaway!
linda miller
south carolina

And for the monogrammed soaps.....

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Good morning sweet Tina! I don't know how I am missing all the new posts that come up, but this is a divine one, and filled with such generosity. Bless you dear and beautiful Tina! Anita

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Hello! How is your week going? Mine busy, busy busy. I haven't done a random musings post in a while so this is all over the place and filled with so many different topics, this will be it for the weekend so hope you enjoy it.  Can I just give you a all a huge thank you for your tremendous response to my "Can we talk about diets" post the other day? WOW.....I feel like I got so much great information/advice, I could almost launch an "Enchanted diet book"! I suspected that subject would get a lot of people talking but the response was like a crash course in how to lose weigh the right way. I cam away with so much good information and new tips which I took note of!  Thank you, I am inspired to keep on truckin' and really appreciate your amazing advice and insight!

Spring is in the long last and it has indeed put a little pep in my step. I have a lot of different things going on this week so each and every day has been chock full. I am hosting a small pre prom get together this weekend for my son and his group of friends and parents so am busy planning it out. Went to a few functions this week, a friend from out of town stopped in and in addition finally trying to get back to some of my design projects here in my home. Dining room, my bedroom, living room....there is PLENTY left to do!  Haven't done much so far but my wheels are starting to turn again. So here's my recap of whats been happening over in my corner of the world....
MOST EXPENSIVE AND BEAUTIFUL HOME IN AMERICA! Want to see? It has long been one of my all time favorites and in fact inspired some of the details in my own home. It is nothing less than perfect. Here is the video but to me the pictures do it even more justice. Since they are copyrighted, I am not posting them here, but trust me they are soooo worth taking a look at. Here is the video in the meanwhile.....if you have an extra $125 million to spare, this can be yours! Can I be your first house guest (will consider it my finder fee and call it even lol) If you want to see all 328 of the magnificent pictures click here to visit Douglas Newby Associates website. It is worth taking a "coffee break" for...TRUST ME! Your coffee break just might turn into a wine break if you are like me and spent hours pouring over every little detail! 
(As per Douglas' request, no copying of photographs though, they are just there to be enjoyed)!
DESIGN BOOKS. You know, by now that I am a design book junkie. I cannot get enough, pure and simple. One of my newest favorites is exceptional! I cannot stand when a gorgeous cover beckons you in only to find page after page of boring pictures...well that is not the case here, its a visual stunner of a book. Though some  images that I have seen before have been circulated,  seeing them in a big glossy way gives them a whole new spin. Sure to become a new "go to" book, Greenwich Style by Cindy Rinfret delivers.  Click here to buy on Amazon.

 LOVE when I hear from my readers and speaking of gorgeous homes,  one of my readers was kind enough to show me her absolutely stunning home that she has just listed for sale. It is so beautiful. I asked her if I could share and hey, you never know you might be looking! Take a peek at her incredible home....

Gorgeous don't you think? So elegant and old world yet still very inviting. I can't imagine that someone isn't going to scoop this up and fast! If you are in the market for a spectacular home in the Lynchburg, VA here to visit the real estate site and see video/more pictures.
MOVIES. You know I get excited when there is one I cannot wait to see. Renoir looks AMAZING! I am so excited that I am seeing it on Sunday. Here's the trailer for anyone who might be interested, soooo beautiful, the scenery, the music, the costumes, I was so born in the wrong era!
  GET TOGETHERS.Having a small get together here on Saturday. I have spent the last day stressing because frankly I really was behind in putting the details together due to an insanely busy week. But at last I am determined to get it together today.  Doing appetizers,wine and champagne. Its for a short time and this is more for the adults than kids, who will be busy picture taking and checking out each others clothes (well the girls at least). Here's a peek at the start of my  "creative brainstorming" about what to set up, how to set up,etc.....
 How pretty are these plates? They come assorted in 4's and I bought a huge lot of them, great for parties!
 And how about this beauty? Theres a story behind these......will fill you in later, but these are the plates I am using for my little get together on Saturday, also four patterns are part of the Newport Collection, they feel right "at home" in my house :)

 Getting some "ideas"....might set up the food/small bar in library as its an empty room with nothing but space
And on Sunday had my husbands darling nephew wife and two precious little girls over for a casual Sunday dinner, it was somewhat last minute but such fun. I put some of my new "wares" to the test...and they meet my seal of approval!
 Recognize my new glassware and the beautiful new blue/white container?

 Love the newest container.....soon to be added to the online store!
 And no one could believe that the glasses were plastic! Love this line......

 I experimented with  my newest charger and I have yet to see a plate they do not look spectacular with!
 Can you say L O V E!!!!!!!
 Put lemon slices and fresh mint for  a spring-y pitcher of water, its the little touches that count:)
 Made some yummy brushetta and put them on my mini bavarian bread board, great piece for tapas
 Yes, that is a glass of wine to the was well earned and one of my "special treats" of the week
 Breakfast room....favorite time of day and I love the lighting of my sconces

 You know me and my white flowers....just can't get enough, here they are on my center island

 Bought some plants for the front door and guessed it, white flowers!

  The bell jars are one of my best selling items, perhaps also because I offer a deep discount. There is going to be a price increase effective April 30th so for anyone who has been thinking of purchasing them, its a great time to buy. The increase will be  nominal about 12% but is reflective of my vendors increase, I will still be a good 30% off retail. As always any questions...just ask! 

And for those who didnt' know who have inquired yes the new melamine dinnerware is up and for sale..and its GORGEOUS!  I cannot wait to use mine:) Click here to visit online shop
  For anyone who had been interested in the trophy's I got in another 4 of each they are. Email me here if interested. Once I confirm I can get regular stock they will eventually go in my online store.
Trophy A.  15" tall  $155
Trophy B.  13"5" X 15" $160.00
I am sure I could go on and on and on, but that's a wrap for now. I am going to be unveiling a little makeover for Ana laila early next week! It's so pretty and while not vastly different, its a fresh take on my style and I am loving it. I have Debby of Inspired Design to thank (not to mention for her kindness and extreme patience with my OCD tendencies).
I want to say thanks for stopping in and seeing whats new in my little part of the world world. Secondly want to wish you a wonderful Friday and  finally hope you have one heck of a fabulous weekend. 

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