Brimfield or bust! An encore.......

Hi there and hope you had a great weekend.  Over here its raining, gloomy and gray....and I am loving it! Yesterday was the perfect excuse to stay in, and after my long busy (but fun) week I looked forward to a lazy day. Friday morning a good friend and I woke up at the crack of dawn and headed up  as we did last year to Brimfield. Hailed as the country's biggest antiques show, it is at the very least a really fun way to spend the day. If you missed my first post on Brimfield,  click here, its much more detailed and in depth and I think worth seeing. This is a much shorter condensed post, call me a "jaded Brimfielder".

It's huge, literally its field after field for miles and miles. Brimfield is on three times a year, May,  July and Sept. being the bigger shows, and July being smaller. If I am to be honest, there is a lot of junk and this is a total feast for hoarders:) There are many many booths, that you walk by, scratch your head and wonder who in the world would buy that. And sure enough people do!  But there are also some wonderful finds and if you enjoy the "hunt for treasure" as much as the discovery...then Brimfield is most certainly for you!

We have made some friends/acquaintances there and by all accounts, this year was a good show. Unfortunately for me the only things I saw worth taking home were huge, heavy and cumbersome, but it was a lot of fun to "people watch" and check out all the loot for sale. Some things to me, seem overpriced (silver), one subject I feel like I know about, and my favorite art dealer was at another show so didn't' come to Brimfield this year which was a bummer. Here are a few highlights (highs and lows)!

 Something for everyone.....enough said.
 Just in case you have been searching high and low for a bodyless you go!

 She freaked me out a little as many antique dolls do........
 Thought this old door was quite beautiful! If I was looking for a project would have found a way for this to come home with the hardware too
 This woman specializes in Swedish/Gustavian furniture and Mora clocks.....

 A pair of beautiful secretary's
 I loved this chair and just wanted to buy one, but he was selling them only as a set of six

 Antique toy cars anyone?

Love statuary........
 If I could have lugged these home, I most certainly would have!
 These were the ones I wanted, beautiful but very large and it was just too risky to have them load them in my car (as he suggested)!
 There was a decent amount of transferware............
 Always like old you?
 Say hello to my newest napkin ring! A golfer.....just love this one!

 The bear pushing the beehive is quite cute!
 Perfect for summer and alfresco dining, a lighthouse and shells!
 This cute little guy taking a break....
And letting his owner know its time to eat!
 These "beauties" were 125.00, a total bargain (NOT)!!!!!!!
 We got to see the filming of Lara Spencers popular HGTV show, Flea market flip
 There is Lara in the navy blazer to the right......
We noticed how great her hair looked!
 This pair REALLY freaked me out, that clown face did me in!
 Food choices are pretty slim (healthy eating at least), but fresh lemonade is always a good thing!
Parking lots go on and on.....
And  on and on and on and on..............
 This is what you see for miles, people and a traffic jam of cars!

 One of the countless aisles...there are hundreds like this!

 And my big purchase....a pair of cute linen kitchen towels! LOL......had to get something!

Anything here catch your eye? That wraps up  my mini recap on Brimfield. Ever gone? Care to go? Love to know your thoughts and impressions if you have!  I love the thrill of the hunt and that is what makes these kinds of events such fun! I am just about ready for another one! to learn all about Brimfield. Thanks as always for stopping in!

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