Guest posting over at Cedar Hill Ranch and new loot and enchanted deals!

Good Friday morning! Boy this week flew....we have been blessed by the almighty weather Gods with an exceptional string of amazing weather...sun is shining, hovering around 70, not a cloud in the sky, the humidity demons have yet to make an appearance..its perfect! Hope you are having much of the same.

Today I am over at a very special place......I have joined lovely, charming Anita of Cedar Hill Ranch fame for her series "On the back porch", where she talks to me about blogging, my home, life and other fun facts. I really hope you will pop on over and join me there. Her blog is such a wonderful place, always filled with something of beauty. You might remember the wonderful post I featured Anita in for my Bloggers beautiful abodes series....yes indeed, she certainly does have a beautiful abode! So please click here to visit us.......see you over there!

And I posted this last newest enchanted loot ( I only have one or two of so limited availability) Contact me if interested in anything here.

You know how every now and then I get lucky and snag a shipment from the warehouse of one of my favorite vendors? Well a few days ago I was lucky enough to have gotten a bunch of wonderful goodies. These are all either 1, 2 or 3 of each item so I don't put them on my online store. They are ready and waiting for their new homes.......I have numbered them here along with the price. As usual just email me with your inquiry, click here to email me at

 Everything is simply gorgeous...and best part is I get them at a strong discount which I then pass onto you, so its safe to say everything here is discounted by at least 25-35%.

1. Gorgeous round (hard to get) dough bowl. Got in a trio of these, two sold and I have this beautiful perfect round one. Good sized rounds are hard to come by and this one is a beauty! $140 measures approx. 18" across, beautiful rich brown color...just fabulous!

2. Outrageous set of antlers. I looove these (kept one pair for myself). Highly decorative with beautiful plaque on which they are mounted. I have seen these for three and four hundred.....$135.00 Measures about 24" wide by 24" at its longest and widest point

3. Assorted guest towel and/or soap trays, guest towels are silver garland, ant. brass garland and silver filigree. Square is silver square garland. Guest towels are $54.00 and square is $45.00

4. Deer bookends...these sold out so fast last time. I got an assortment of three styles (one or two pair of each) these normally sell for upwards of $165

First one is 11"x 6.5" $115.00

Second pair 10"x x 7" $105.00

Third pair 9" x 4" $95.00

5. Outrageous antler bowl...gorgeous piece, highly decorative with acorn/pine detailing with nothing or filled with your favorite nuts $135.00 Measures about 10" tall by about 9.5" wide

6. Beautiful vanity garland tray...perfect for a vanity or powder room 15" x 8" $80.00

7. Antler coat great are these? $42.00, measures about 10.5" tall

8. Magnificent very special heirloom quality super duper heavy silver/nickel centerpiece bowl. This is EXCEPTIONAL.  Measures about 20" wide, 5.5" tall and 7" deep. I was told retails for around $500. A true masterpiece, $335.00, seeing is believing (and feeling)!

9. Beautiful crest tray, perfect for a mans bathroom a powder room vanity or for a bar..this is  gorgeous little tray with a beautiful crest  Measures about 7" square$55.00

10. Amazing heirloom quality  super heavy ultra large tray. This is a very very special tray. Rumor has it Ralph himself bought this tray and that it retails for about $550. I have two, this is $350.00, VERY special. Measures 22" x 19", this is just beyond gorgeous.

11. Beautiful French inscribed wine/champagne buckets. Med (about 7" x 7.5")  is $95.00 and the larger is $110.00 (9.5" x 8.5")

12. 3 trophy's these normally sell for $155-165. These three are a special price of $105 for the med. and $115 for the tall. Great deal for these....

Tall one 13" x 11"
Med. one 11" x 12" 

13. Assorted soap/candy porcelain/ormolu dishes $45.00

14. Rope and glass ice bucket and tongs, isn't this great for summer! Lovely addition to any summery table $75.00

15. Magnificent gallery etched tray. Very special heirloom quality heavy silver tray, very ornate. Retails for over $500. This one is $330.00. Spectacular with four feet and 2 handles. Measures approx. 22" long by 17.5" wide

16. Pair of two ornate chargers. Spectacular is an understatement. Sold out of these, will get more in mid-late May but not at this price. Pair is $110.00

17. Two of the same heirloom quality, superb very heavy gallery trays as above. Just spectacular and seeing is believing! Retails for about 550.00, this one is 345.00

Thanks for stopping in to take a peek. Email me at with any questions/inquires.  Don't forget to visit me over at my guest post for On the back porch at the wonderful blog, Cedar Hill Ranch...its not to be missed!!

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