Weekend musings....

Hello there, and how is your weekend going? Over here, the sun is shining, the temps are perfect and I have no complaints. We have a great weekend planned and as it goes "it's all good"!  What about you? What are you up to this weekend?

 In case you missed my new loot for sale yesterday, click here to view. I also guest posted over at Anita's of Cedar Hill Ranch and if you didnt get a chance to visit I hope you will...it was such fun!  I do have a few  things left (things I had more than 1 or 2 of). It is worth a look and the silver centerpiece and trophy's are particularly great deals if you are in need of one! Moving along.....So, not one of my longer posts but a few things I wanted to share.

I discovered this blog, Beaux Mondes Designs,  and really enjoy my visits there. I was "blown away" quite literally by the sheer beauty of this redone backyard/patio...absolute perfection if you ask me.

This should be an ad for World Imports, cannot imagine any more justice being done to this furniture. And of course besides the beautiful furniture, the gorgeous touches of blue and white and a pop of black just make this incredible. Take a look and click here to visit the blog.

Anyone who came up with this idea is an absolute genius in my book....Julio (from the gorgeous backyard above)  was the talented mastermind behind such a concept. I would be first in line to snatch these up.......amazing!

Everything is starting to turn green around here and I am loving it........speaking of backyards, I love late day sun, around 6pm, it's my favorite time of the day. Took a few pics with my iPhone, not the best quality but you get the idea.

Who doesn't love a warehouse of bargains! A reminder for anyone who is in the tri state area....this mega warehouse sale is going on this weekend and I can tell you, it is chock full of amazing furniture/accessories all at ridiculously low prices! I am meeting a friend over there to help her choose things for a small apt. they just bought in the city.........

Got these new ginger jars, aren't they beautiful? Unfortunately there is no stock right now so they are getting added to my own personal collection....what can I say (much to my husbands dismay) I don't think you can ever have too many blue and white pieces! (took with my iPhone hence the quality of pics or lack of)
 Haven't decided where this pair is going....likely in my bedroom somewhere

This is the darker pair...gorgeous!

 Love this one, its so pretty...really really trying to get my hands on more!

 And this one which I do have limited quantities of, now on my online site, she's a beauty!
 Very tall about 26"...a real "statement jar"

Going to be making this one day soon when I have guests...how good does it look and best part it's simple! LOVE anything with figs, cheese and pastry and I bet the rosemary gives it a wonderful zing. I bet the flavors really awaken your taste buds! Found this at Willow Bird Baking. (Click on Willow Bird Baking for recipe)

 Quick Rosemary, Fig, and Goat Cheese Tarts

Shoes......been on a bit of a kick lately since its finally time for our toes to have their closeup! Had some fun over at Rue La La a few days ago. They sell out fast but have to say the prices were right!  I snagged these....

Shop news....very sad to hear that the factory that makes the gorgeous white Staffordshire dogs (a top seller for me) is closing :( I bought the remaining 14 pair of white dogs, they are so beautiful that pictures cannot do them justice. Truly stunning, look like a pair of antique dogs. So if you have had your eye on them....don't wait too long! They sell for 95.00 but I am going to sell this remaining lot for 85.00 which is a really excellent price. If interested email me here. (theenchantedhome@gmail.com)

Also going to be getting in a small batch of round dough bowls in the next week or so. They will be on average 15-18" round and are said to be gorgeous. The smaller rounds are hard to come by, I am expecting 6-8 pieces.  Many of you inquire about them so if you definitely want one, absolutely email me here.

For all who loved the antlers, I sold out of all 3 pair I have 2 of these coming this week. These are exceptional...if interested just email me. They are quite large and spectacular, about 34" wide.

So that's about it over here....going to head over to my local nursery and see whats sprouting...its a gorgeous day and a perfect day to do some planting to a few neglected planters starving for some attention. Wishing everyone a fabulous day and a wonderful weekend. I am going to be giving away a wonderful Mother's Day giveaway next week so stay tuned!

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