A fall contest, a few fabulous books and late week musings.....

Hi and happy Friday to you! I am so sorry for all that craziness for my fall fabulous contest,  with having to remove two polls and cancel all the votes then resorting to doing it the old fashioned way (leaving votes in comments)  but it was important for this to be fair, sorry to everyone but I appreciate your patience! There appeared to be some glitches, with some votes not registering, etc..... I promise by my next contest this will be all figured out! Winner will be announced on Sunday. Voting will end on Sat. at midnight. to place your vote and see all of the wonderful pictures my readers sent in..so many winners! (Remember you do not need an account to vote, you can just click on anyonmous or name and use your first name)

Hope you have had a good week......let's get busy!

Moving along.....I love getting in new books. Lately I scored big time, with Suzanne Tuckers fabulous MUST ADD to your collection new book. to preorder it....is AMAZING! I recently received a few more books that look incredibly good that I hope to get to this weekend, they are still in their plastic waiting to be enjoyed.......

And then......

One day I got this incredible invitation in the mail. Soooo stunning, it nearly made me faint! An invitation to Howard Slatkins, the king of good taste book signing at Bergdorf Goodman. I am really hoping to go! Here it is......

Then imagine my surprise and excitement when a few days later.... I get a package in the mail. It was almost too pretty to open. The attention to detail did not go unnoticed.  And then I saw it was from "unmistakable Howard".....check it out!

Then when I finally opened up the gorgeous gift wrap, I saw this card. Howard Slatkin is a fan of moi????? Well Howard the feeling is VERY mutual! OK, so this is one of those books that you need to be sitting in just the right spot to open, drinking just the right drink (coffee or after 5 perhaps a glass of wine or a martini, which seems fitting for the book). This book is tres elegant. Uber chic. So unbelievably grand, yes this is one of those showstopping really sensational books you need to get your hands on. The opulence drips off of the pages, talk about a book that "takes you away" . So to preorder it  on Amazon and Howard, thank you so very much! I really hope to see you at the book signing.......and in the meantime, your beautiful new book sits proudly on my coffee table!

 Anyone who still uses a wax seal in their presentation is an instant friend of mine:)

 A personalized message to me? This got me excited!!

 This just oozes class and elegance!

Good eats. You know I love good food. I have to say I am a bit out of the loop when it comes to cooking for large groups or throwing a party. I am seriously considering having a big Christmas party but know if I am  that I need to commit NOW. It's Oct. and time to set a date and start sending out save the dates since Dec. is such a busy month. I keep wavering.....anyway having about 7 girls over next week. Normally we go out for dinner but I am having them over for a tapas night. Just appetizers (most everyone's favorite way to eat anyway)...that way you get to try everything. Thanks to my Pinterest foodfun boards, I do not need to look any further, got so many good ideas there!! Here is what I am considering.....

WARNING this will make you very very hungry...and diets must be left at the door!

 Love these individual Ceasars!
 OMG! Pecan maple kahlua baked brie....yowza!

Hot crab dip..sign me up!

Might do small ramkins of this spinach/artichoke pastas

Fig spread and cheese crostini

Baked artichoke dip

And for dessert how about peanut butter ice cream sandwiches

Vince Camuto. Ever bought anything bearing his name? If so, then consider this house to be a teeny tiny part yours:) If you have an extra 50 million to spare,  this Hampton heavenly abode can be yours! I must say its quite spectacular.......

On the home front. Finally got some trim and the velvet for living room pillows ordered. Cannot wait to get them done. I know they are going to add so much to the living room even though its very much a work in progress. Finally ordering the mantles..after all this time for living and dining room. We are doing these mantles in an antiqued limestone, as opposed to marble and I think they are going to be amazing...

Boots. I love boots. I saw these on someone a few days ago and practically knocked someone over to go and ask the girl where she got them and whose they were. From Nordstroms and Enzo! (under 200) big perk. I was determined to get them and now of course I cannot find them anywhere.....sold out in brown everywhere. How cute are these? If you are size 6, that is one size that is available.....

On the shop front. So many wonderful new things coming in to my online shop,  I am super excited. Finally got in some dough bowls and let me tell you these are gorgeous!!!!!! I have two left to sell ( one is 33" and the other 25") Email me if interested, they are really stunning!

The wraps and hand warmers were a big  big hit. They are the ultimate statement in both luxury and an ideal solution to keeping warm, looking chic but not having to lug a heavy coat! I have owned my Alicia's alpaca capes for over 8 years and they still look brand new! They are as soft as cashmere, don't pill and are super warm. Just a gorgeous line that I am so pleased to be carrying and for the lady who has it all, the alpaca bathrobe is just the ultimate. Only downside, you might not want to take it off:) Some favorite pieces from the gorgeous line.....

 Chunky cable knit baby alpaca throw
 Love this pompom reversible throw in baby alpaca

 Fingerless gloves come in 6 wonderful colors and are super cute!
 The classic shawl should be a staple in every women's closet! Gorgeous and so elegant with anything
 The cape with fringe is equally stunning
 How about this chunky sweater coat? How delicious is this!! Comes in gray, taupe and beige

 For the woman who has it all...this is the ultimate robe. I own several beautiful robes including a great cashmere one but this is the gold standard. LOVE this robe!!!
And these handwarmers are super stylish and practical, done in 4 colors...love these.

So for my steals and deals this week...I am going to offer the following (limited availability) and they do go fast! Email me at theenchantedhome@gmail.com  if you wish to purchase anything.

The cape that sells for $485 is $275.00 that is almost half off!!

The shawl cape is $260 and sells for $398.00

The handwarmers are $75.00 (retails for $174)

And I was lucky enough to get in a few more sets of the gorgeous blue and white dessert/appetizer scalloped plates and a few more sets of the mugs! Email me if interested. $38.00 for a set of 4 plates and $40 for a set of 4 mugs (40% discounted) Limited availability.....

Email me at theenchantedhome@gmail.com with any inquires or if you wish to purchase.

So there you go. Thanks so much for stopping in. Wishing you a fabulous Friday and wonderful end to your week:)

Please cast your vote in my Fall fabulous photo contest. to see all the amazing pictures sent in by readers and to place your vote.

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