Basements that you will never ever want to leave......... are in for a treat so sit back and "take ten" (but you might need more than that). Especially if you are considering finishing your basement. Basements simply are not basements anymore, not those old, musty, low ceilinged, spider infested, vinyl floored creepy places that many of us think of when we hear the word "basement". So as we are looking to start finishing a part of our own, this was great fun to explore. I got ideas and then some!

Today, they are extended homes, and truly incredible spaces in some cases. What I think most of us thought of as basements growing up, well that no longer applies. Finishing up a basement in a big way has become a big business! Today a look at some truly amazing ideas and trends being seen in basements. I say whatever it takes to get a  kid to want to hang out in our house, is worth its weight in gold. I LOVE when my teenaged son wants to hang out here and I would practically do anything to insure he does:) Of course to a point........

So lets take a look at just how far basements have come......

 This is s great looking space, I like the warmth of the wood floors, a large neutral sleek sectional, the bar behind....great space!

I like the feeling of this space, its cozy, intimate, warm and inviting....all that's missing is a bucket of popcorn! Apollo

A basement is a perfect space to use dead space and build a large wide banquette, I would love to do this!

 How beautiful is this finished space? I just love the padded wall, the cozy corner seating arrangement, the built in storage......practical and beautiful! Almost hard to believe its a basement!

 Love fresh crisp vibe in this beautiful family room/hang out space in this basement, Candice Olsen

With basement bathrooms, which are often small, the key is creating maximum impact, a great punchy wallpaper and good lighting are a sure thing

Meant to be a family space, this large room serves several purposes but still feels sophisticated, Rinfret
 The basement is a perfect spot for a craft room/kids play art studio

If space and budget allows, a basement bathroom is a great place to create a spa feeling bathroom, it will feel like a little getaway every time you go there!

 Even spaces designated for kids can still feel fresh, bright and cheerful HGTV

What man would not go nuts for the "sports bar" feeling of this this!

How about creating your own little modern feeling wine shop? Courtesy of Joseph and Curtis

 Love adding the stone and woodwork as seen in this beautiful basement, Klaffs

How about your own home gym? Love all the white and mirrors, really opens up the space!

A basement is also a great place for a wine cellar/tasting room given its cool dark location

 Love the rustic feel of this basement plush and cozy! Rinfret

Love this space....who wouldn't want to hang out here, its just begging for a party!

                                              Gorgeous and elaborate tasting room, Dallas dirt

 Who wouldn't love to have this amazing arts and crafts space in their basement! I would be there for hours......

Adding a small bar or kitchen area is a wise move....great for entertaining!

 Love this "man cave" feeling space, what a great room for a favorite movie or the Superbowl, Griggs

This is quite spectacular, who wouldn't want to LIVE in this basement full time! Candice Olsen

                             I like the idea that a basement can accommodate cozy little nooks!

 Check out this humble little space (wink), a basement pool.....belongs to Keli Ford in case you are wondering!

 If space and budget allows, adding a kitchen and/or bar is a superb idea...perfect for entertaining! HP

A home gym is the ultimate luxury and if you have the space, its a fairly inexpensive room to build!

And how this adorable cozy sleeping space built under a basement stairs...brilliant! Cozy green design

How cozy does this space look...I think I could camp out here for days!! Made great use of a small space, Dan Ong

 Another excellent idea for space saving! A sea of drawers built into "dead space" under the staircase

 Keeping spaces open and bright are key when you have no the addition of a brick faced wall and the bistro style kitchen/bar

  Don't forget those covered areas that extend out of the basement, they make great entertaining spaces in any kind of weather because they are protected!

If you are going to go dark, then go all the way. This billiard room is pretty gorgeous! AP

 Why fight a brick wall? Just paint it, love this look and with the added beams, it has a sophisticated Aspen vibe! Houzz

 I like the stone facade on the wall for texture and interest, Huffington Post

Candice Olsen mirrored these bookcases to open and brighten, smart move!

 A great place to make a small home office...this hardly takes up any space but its so functional. I like the idea of going white to keep it light and airy

OK granted this is incredibly over the top...I mean if this were my basement my kids would NEVER leave!! Soundexperts

 This is a great space....what a fun party room! Love the brick floor...Houzz

 This is one good looking space for a basement in a more transitional style, Friedman and Shields

Wow, not your ordinary basement. Love the sweeping staircase, Sothebys (this almost looks like my neighborhod Starbucks)!

When designing a bathroom in the basement, better to stay light and neutral to allow for maximum light

 This space feels so bright and cheery, I like that it was kept very light and monochromatic. The ceilings feel low and there are no windows so this was a great way to open up the space, HP

 Bringing in unique custom finishes is a dramatic way to add the wow factor to a finished basement!

Some ideas to  keep in mind when finishing a basement......

Light and airy goes a long way. In my opinion light walls are always a good idea to open up a space and allow it to feel light and airy and welcoming

The new tile floor that looks like white is a fantastic idea to have a warm looking floor with virtually no maintenance and mildew resistant!

 Create a cozy sleeping noon under the stairwell.....everyone will fight to sleep there!

Lighting is very important. Bright light on dimmers is a way to control your setting. Small puck lights allow for maximum light, while sconces and overhead chandeliers can be a great "mood lighting". I like the idea of combining the two.

If you are lucky enough to have a wine cellar, I love the idea of using a unique or old set of doors to really customizes and beautifies the space

For bathrooms since they tend to be windowless, I say keep it bright and white. It feels cleaner and happier and gives that getaway spa vibe that we all crave. You can add color and personality via fun art or posters for the wall.

There are many possibilities for extra storage in a basement, including under stairwells! Use up every inch!

Its a great space to take full advantage of all the nook and crannies that are characteristic of most basements and create storage galore. Love this idea!

If you are having a bedroom in the basement, this can be a fun room to do something a little different like paper one wall in a funky paper and add an interesting lighting fixture.

If you tend to have a damp basement, from the family handyman, this is a sure way to counteract the mildew-
Prevent damp basement floors from ruining carpet and other finished flooring. Install dimpled polyethylene to create an air space between the concrete and the finished floor, sealing off dampness and giving moisture a chance to dissipate.

Another clever use of this idea!  I would love to have this cozy office arrangement!

Another super great looking and creative use of space, love how cozy this is! It will beg your kiddos to get busy reading:)

If making a gym in the basement, which is a great idea, a mirrored wall opens up the space  and love how they added some art to the left and a few decorative accessories to personalize the space, beautiful!

Love the idea of lining a basement stairwell (typically with two walls on either side) with a collage wall of your favorite pictures or prints, Dixie Delights

A basement is a place where you can create a totally different vibe than the rest of your house. Its a fun space to add interesting architectural details to! Sound experts

Phew...that's a lot of beauty in basements. They really have come such a long way....I know some homes where more attention to deatil was put into the basement than the rest of the home! It is a huge and booming business espeically when kids are concerned. So tell you have a finished basement? Do you use it? Whats important to you to have in one? Would love you to weigh in. Thanks for stopping in....wishing you a fabulous Friday and great end to your week.

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