Late week THIRD year blogging anniverary and a giveaway!!!

Oh how I have missed doing these random posts!!! Finally the holiday chaos has died down, though you wouldn't know it around here....YES my holiday decor is still up !! Call me lazy or a holiday enthusiast, or a little of both but I see no problem in extending the Christmas spirit just a wee bit longer...I love my decor and it makes me happy just looking at it but I do plan to slowly start "dismantling" sometime starting next week!

Wait a minute....I realized during my vacation that my THIRD year blogging anniversary somehow slipped by very sneakily. No way is this going unacknowledged and uncelebrated!!!! We have shared too much these last few years! I first have to thank each and every one of you, my readers who are so loyal and kind and supportive and keep me going and sustain my quest to be better and better with every blog post! I just can't imagine life without my little ol blog!

And of course every celebration warrants a little treat, right? So today I am offering a giveaway. I am offering a beautiful velvet box of the gorgeous ornate silver cake spades (set of 3) to one lucky winner. Details on bottom.

Moving on......I realized I like and thrive on routine and it feels good to be getting back to the drawing board and resuming all the posts I love creating. So I will continue to do my random musings post into 2014, a post to talk about well....basically whatever I want to talk about. And there is A LOT to talk about evidenced by this post.  Ready? Let's go......

ALEXA PULITZER. I had spoken of her magnificent work a few months ago, the first time I laid eyes on her magnificent stationery, I was totally smitten. If you are a lover of stationery and monograms, then you will be in heaven. Her eye and style are just over the top  magnificent. We connected and she was ever so kind to offer to design a personalized monogram for yours truly....we worked together and came up with a custom design and I promptly placed my order. Upon opening my big box of cards, I nearly fainted from the beauty. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these...they are perfect and so "me". to visit what is otherwise known as "stationery nirvana". So take a look at my beautiful new stationery and more examples of her sublime line.....

May I present to you my beautiful new oversized stationery and scalloped envelope with my very own monogrammed created exclusively for me by Alexa!

 So exciting to open the box!! My vision has come to life.....perfect!

 The weight of the card is substantial and that with its oversized size makes this is a showstopper!

 LOVE the scalloped detailing on the oversized envelope

 I blurred out the return address for privacy reasons

And other beauties from Amy.....

BOOTS I WAS DETERMINED TO FIND. Don't know if you are like me but when I put my mind to something I get crazily determined. As in I simply do not give up. I spotted these boots on a designer friend and had to have them. If you are going to brave nasty weather, you might as well look stylish in the process right? SO finally found them! Love them, aren't they fabulous! They are by Stuart Weitzman.....good job Stu!

A FEW NEW BOOKS. I do love my books, and feel frankly you can never ever have too many.  I love how I can buy a new book literally with one click on Amazon (scarily convenient:) A few new cookbooks and one book I finally got to finish on my vacation which was FABULOUS. I truly cannot recommend it enough..Tish you knocked it out of the park!

Loved her first book and cannot wait to get this newest book from visionary chef, Alice Waters

This book I had to order in honor of my oldest son who is a baked macaroni fanatic, it features about 80 different variations of this American classic, it will have you looking at it in a whole new light!

Tish's new book is a MUST HAVE, an insiders take on that unmistakable joie de vivre that Frenchwomen seem to have is a literal treasure trove of information!

MY NEW PILLOWS. I featured them around the holidays but it was such busy time that I did not give my newest living room pillows proper "air time". I sooooo love these pillows, they were a Christmas gift to myself. I found the perfect color blue stried velvet which I adore and ordered these beautiful  trims and dreamt away. I could not be happier with them, so in love in fact that I got more velvet and am going to make a big oversized scalloped ottoman! I looked high and low for pillow like these and after not finding them made them myself....

ANTICA FARMACISTA. I am a bonafide product junkie, I love trying new bath and beauty products. One of my favorite lines is Antica. As pretty to look at as they are to smell, these products are sensational. I hope to in fact possibly carry them soon on my online shop. Here are a few of my most favorites that I buy over and over...... to visit this wonderful line!

 My favorite scent, this has my powder room smelling downright heavenly! Peonia, gardenia and rosa

Just got this grapefruit scent and absolutely love this giftset...gorgeous!

They also do collaborations with really high end hotels, and this "Hotel Bel Air" has my name all over it...must get this, LOVE the color and bet it smells out of this world!

Love the sound of this new scent, lemon, verbena and cedar...and it's so darn pretty!

to visit Antica Farmicista

NEW BIZ. Love hearing about someone following a passion and listening to their heart. My fellow blogging friend, Cheryl's son Graham started a new business born out of of his love for skiing and the outdoors. I love the website and appreciate and respect his story even more. For any skiing enthusiast I cannot imagine anything cooler than custom skis so a visit to Grizzly Boards is a must see! So thought I would share with you Grizzly Boards, what a great concept and if skis were ever beautiful........this the gold standard! to visit Graham and his custom Grizzly Boards.

MY ONLINE SHOP. I have a lot of exciting things planned for 2014. I am going to be tweaking my website and updating it in the near future. Many new products will be introduced. I will be expanding what I have become know for, my extensive porcelain and blue and white collection as well as expanding in other areas as well. I get so much satisfaction out of helping others beautify their home and will still continue my services for e-design. I love to hear your feedback so if there is something you see a need for....tell me about it! I love to know what you the consumer, is looking for!

A few changes.....

I have had a lot of people over the last two years ask me about advertising on my blog. Part of evolving and growing is opening up to new ideas that maybe previously didn't feel right.Well,  I am at long last going to take a few select advertisers who fit in well with my brand, Ana laila. If you are interested in advertising on my blog, simply contact me here

More shop news.....Unfortunately there will be a few price increases, though fairly nominal and even with the new prices, I will still be well under 25% off of retail and am a full 40% off of the belljars!  Lighting will be going up about 8% as of Jan. 20th. Last day to place an order for existing prices will be Jan. 19th. I will be expanding this line as it continues to be one of my best selling products! Some new patterns and more styles of the beautiful hurricanes from the same line that I love!

VERY excited about all of these.....adding a bunch of new styles to expand on the gorgeous hurricanes, LOVE these and have a few pair in my home, they are super beautiful and look amazing on consoles, coffee tables and dining tables. Really superb and all hand etched. All shown are available now but not yet up on my site. Contact me if interested.

All of these gorgeous goodies by popular demand, will be back in stock by mid February and I cannot wait to get them!

Finally this gorgeous silver garland planter finally after many months of being sold out has come back in stock. There are about 14 pieces, it will be listed again soon in my online shop or contact me if you want to purchase it. Its one of my all time faves! So classically elegant. Measures 6 x 11.5.

And of course I cannot talk about my online shop without mention of my beloved blue and whites! I am getting in a number of new styles, some of which are below on this board I created showing just some of the blue and whites I can count on a big expansion in 2014:)

Any questions about anything in my shop just contact me here at

Finally to be eligible for my 3 YEAR anniversary giveaway, just leave a comment here. If you want a second chance you can visit my Facebook page by clicking here and leave a comment there as well. I will announce a lucky winner on Monday morning!

So..that's most of what is new in my world. I have some other fun posts coming up next week and always so appreciate you stopping by and hearing from you. I hope all is great in your neck of the woods and wishing you a wonderful end of the week and weekend! No snow in the forecast so I am a happy girl! Talk to you soon.........

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