The ABC's of blogging....poll style!

Good Friday morning to you. It is FREEZING over here, single digits and with the wind chill its well below zero. We have had consecutive days like wish I was back in sunny California! This is more than I can handle, how I wish I could stay home all day but that is not in the cards!

I often get questions from other bloggers, many newer bloggers and I am always eager to help if I can because I remember being a new blogger myself and betting utterly overwhelmed (and struggling at times ) wondering just how this thing really works.  Most questions here are ones I have been asked or ones that have been discussed. It took a while and there is, as with all things worth knowing,  a learning curve to be sure. The funny thing is I am still learning, but it's part of the journey and it keeps me on my toes. I also from time to time,  have conversations with other more seasoned bloggers about just the day to day blogging issues, both good and bad.

For me blogging is hugely gratifying, it has opened so any wonderful doors, allowed me to connect with many amazing like minded people and is just a lot of fun it,  allows me to combine all of my interests in one place. So every time I get a bunch of questions or another blogger wants my ear on something...I kept saying I need to do a post on this. So finally I am doing it! I am no expert and can only draw on my own experience and conversations, that is why this interactive approach will be so interesting!

Now this is really meant for bloggers, readers, you  might find it interesting, you might not. If you don't hope you might scroll back  a bit and take a look at a few of my older posts, perhaps some that you missed or go snap a picture of your kitchen and enter it in to my KITCHEN LOVE contest!! and scroll to bottom for all details.

Bloggers please read over this and answer the 16 questions I have asked. It is totally absolutely anonymous and I think it will be a really interesting way to see how we all feel on certain subjects related to blogging. We all invest a lot of time, brainpower and creative energy into what we do so anything we can do to enhance the experience, including learning as we go is to me, vitally important. So enough of my gabbing, ready to get started?

Start with page one and click continue on bottom to continue on to the end (it will only take 2 -3 minutes at most). I will absolutely be sharing the results!

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