Which would you choose? Golden Globes edition!

Hello there and happy Monday afternoon.....so who won? Golden Globes or Downton Abby? I know for many it was a tough decision since they were both on the same time...for me it was the Golden Globes (plus heard many were disappointed in last nights episode of DA).  I love love love watching all the glamour pour down the red carpet, but the older I get the more I realize I am happy I am not a celebrity. The constant scrutinizing  and serious pressure to look your best EVERY waking minute would just be terribly hard on a daily basis, I guess you develop a thick skin over time and if you ask to be in the public eye...that's just part of the package. I get it.

Glad I am not a part of it but it sure is fun standing by the sidelines! My personal fave for the night was Cate Blanchette, always the picture of elegance and grace, her black lace stunner was GORGEOUS! I thought Naomi, Sofia and Olivia also looked stunning amongst many others.

Thought it would make a fun Which would you choose? All included are what I thought to be some of  the nights best looks but there were as there always is, a few misses for sure, I included those for fun...always love to know what you think. Let's talk!















Now here are some misses (at least in my non professional opinion).....and I included dresses that I would have put them in. Just in case anyone of these "misses" is reading this.....I may be able to fit you in for the Oscars :) Call my people and I will get back to you...lol

  I am sorry I do not "get" the black exercise pants under this gown...too bad because from the front it was quite beautiful and her hair and makeup was flawless as well......she,  with her youth and desire for edginess could have gone with either of the two super high fashion dresses below for "wow" factor (Jason Wu and Erdem) that would have both made a true fashion statement.

 Ugh....sorry I REALLY do not get this at all. I mean I get it Julia, you are America's homegrown down to earth, simple sweetheart but this is just odd, I really don't understand the choice AT ALL. She looks great in white and seems to favor things with sleeves (hey Julia I totally relate) but she needed something that was elegant, sophisticated but something with a wee of retrained bling, I found it! This dress by Temperley was made for Julia.....
And look how gorgeous it is from the back....

 The hair to me was a total miss and feel the dress for her super petite frame just wasn't the most appropriate. I think with her stature this DVF gown could have looked amazing on her...the long fluid lines would have worked well on her small frame and it has just the right amount of bling, while still feeling young.

Heidi, for someone who has a 24/7 front row and center seat to the fashion world...this is the best you could do? The bangs feel soooo 80's, you look washed out,  and the choker/tassle with the busy dress is just way too much. Heidi loves things that show off her legs and likes jazzy looking gowns, could see this Sass and Bide gown on her, with a slight tan she would have been a standout....plus she would not have had to worry about jewelry, its on the dress!

 Flamengo dancing anyone? Such a pretty girl (Adam Sandbergs wife), but the dress from Tammy Wynette's closet, um....not so much. It looks more costume than dress, just way too many ruffles, layers and such going on! She is young and pretty and should embrace her youth with something fun but elegant and something that shows her curves a bit more....this beautiful red Giambattista Valli gown or modern feeling Roland Mouret number would have made her dazzle!

Love Julie from Modern Family  but did not think this was her best look.  It feels kind of wintry with the velvet accents, she could done so much better! She has  a great figure and could have looked just beautiful  in something like this  gorgeous white Calvin Klein number or pale gray/blue Marchesa gown....

 I think Lea seems like one cool girl, really funny, so down to earth and real which is why she is probably so popular but her stylist must be fired! This bright yellow confection did nada for her. Her hair looks like a 6 year styled it...come on- a tiny barrette on the side? Wrong, wrong and wrong. I could see her in this slimming black lace gown by Valentino or this  beautiful red fitted Herve Leger gown....

 How did she keep from falling over to one side with all those ruffles? Geez.....its like looking at a moving iceberg. Love white on the red carpet but this was just over the top,  too much. She tried too hard to make a fashion statement! If she wanted white and dramatic how about this Lanvin number?

Zoe is so pretty and has such a gorgeous body, she must be every designers dream to dress. She is one to always look for...she exudes elegance so I disappointed last night. This to me, looks like a budding fashionistas experiment gone wrong. It just feels so "wrong" with  the funky straps, the asymmetrical bottom. My choice for her would have been a gorgeous black lacy gown by Chloe with no jewelry but a massive pair of dangling Harry Winston emerald earrings...oooh la la!

Oh Melissa. Please fire your stylist. Clearly she is the one who gave you that horrid mullet last year,this years hair was to me a bit too severe. This dress was only a very slight improvement. You can do better. People love you, they want to see you look amazing. I think the main thing I would have changed here would have been the hair. I would want to see a softer, more feminine look and it would be nice to see you in a color, something cheery and happy. This feels so dark and drab but since I totally understand the forgiving nature of black, maybe a dark blue with a slightly fitted waist and a really great pair of "statement" earrings for a little sparkle?

This was fun! Glad the Oscars aren't too far away....I love fashion and for the most part there were many fabulous looks last night, it's always such for me to see what you all like too. So set up a poll to vote for your fave, and would love your feedback! Even if you didnt' watch, this is kind of a fashion recap:) Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day and good start to your week!

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