Bringing in Lizzo fabrics in a new Lefèvre Interiors project

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Over to my project now.

As I am preparing the design and luxury decoration of the living room of a Belgian apartment, I would love to introduce you to one of my favorite brands with an exquisite fabric collection, the Spanish company LIZZO.

I have always loved their collection since I was introduced to Lizzo by Patrick Ponseele Raamdecoratie, the company I appeal on to take care for the window treatment of the Lefèvre Interiors projects.


20Lizzo Java Collection 2012 (Source :


I will show you more of the fabulous Lizzo Fabric Collection at the end of this post.

First I want to tell you some more about this Lefèvre Interiors project I am working on. As the apartment has very high ceilings and having the allure of a Paris’ apartment, I decided to panel the walls of this living room.


Here are some of my inspirational images.

35I will bring in a mirror on the panel above the chimney piece as you can see here. Source here  


63I love this room and the paneling, designed by one of my favorite designers Timothy Corrigan. ( Source :


34Beautiful library shelving here! Source here


36 Source here


The room has a wonderful 19th century corniche moulding, So we need to keep away from it.

64 Corniche of the room.


This is a detail of my first sketch. I am still working on it!  I do need to think carefully about the right proportions of the paneling! This is of a big importance, designing a paneled room.


When my sketches of the entire room are finished, they have to be drawned into a technical plan in our atelier in order to show them to our client.


53  Situation of the room at this moment!!!


55 A few Lefèvre Interiors oak finishes. We don’t have standard finishes, we always try to make a personal finish for every new project.


Whatever the choice of our client will be, to finish the oak paneling, I do have to make suggestions about the matching fabrics for the window treatment and upholstery.


As you can see on the ‘before’ pictures here above, the room has big windows. I would suggest to hang French bouillonnées, in the way you can see on these 2 pictures here.54French bouillonnée.

And for the window treatment I would love to use fabrics of the LIZZO collection.

What do you think about the combinations I made?  Patterned velvet fabrics for the bouillonnées and plain velvet for a bergère upholstery? Or a patterned velvet cushion in a plain upholstered sofa,…Combinatie 11. Lizzo Selena Collection  2. Lizzo Velvet Libray Natural Collection  3. Lizzo Velvet Library Intense Collection  4. Lizzo Selena Collection


I do prefer to use Belgian linen for the sofas and to upholster the bergères with another fabric of the Lizzo collection.

Combinatie 2 1. Lizzo Velvet Underground Collection  2. Vano Home Interiors Birdy  3. Lizzo Samarkanda Collection  4. Vano Home Interiors Birdy  5. Lizzo Velvet Library  Intense Collection  6. Vano Home Interiors Birdy                                                                                                                                             

Sofas Axel Vervoordt.


So I do hope to share with you soon the progress of this project and to post pictures of the making of the paneling in our atelier.

65 Paneling of a former project at the Lefèvre Interiors atelier.


I promised to show you more of the LIZZO fabric collection. So here are a few fabulous images of the LIZZO 2012 COLLECTION.

4 Java Collection 2012 Lizzo Java Collection (Source :

1 Aberdeen  Collection 2012Lizzo Aberdeen Collection 2012  (Source :

11 Aberdeen Collection 2012Lizzo Aberdeen Collection 2012  (Source :

15Lizzo Capri Collection 2012  (Source :

21Lizzo Capri Collection 2012  (Source :


The bouillonnée at the window in our entry hall is made of the Lizzo Selena fabric.


Entry hall at our home – fabric Lizzo Selena ; Window treatment by Patrick Ponseele Raamdecoratie.

32Lizzo  fabric Selena 


To see more of the exquisite LIZZO FABRIC COLLECTION, please visit their website at




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