Guest posting at Design Chic!

Hi there, I am guest posting today over at one of my favorite blogs, Design Chic. Yes, that blog...the super chic and gorgeous blog always full of mega eye candy.

The brainchild of the talented mother and daughter duo, the lovely Kristy and Beth. Adore them and love their elegant of amazing style, savvy flair and fine taste. If you don't know of it....then you are missing out big time. I can assure you its a blog you will be over the moon to have discovered.  I am so very honored that they asked me to guest post on it today and  I  do hope you will stop in to say hello. Here's a hint of whats it all here to visit us! See you over there.........

Wishing you an enchanted day. I have a fun giveaway tomorrow...stay tuned!

P.S. Totally off subject here, but tonight having a "girls night"over at my casa and I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for a fun but yummy drink for the ladies? I was thinking of something a little more creative besides wine. I do have a good sangria recipe which is always a hit....but any other ideas you care to share? Nothing too complicated. We are doing a tapas night...lots of fun and delicious small favorite way to eat!


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