Update on Teddy and a big big thank you

Hi, this is going to be a short post. First thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I am so unbelievably touched by the kindness of your countless emails and comments. I was FLOORED and just blown away.... I think that broke a record, almost 250 comments and over 150 emails...wow!!! They were truly a bright light during a very dark two days. For those of you  who do not know what happened, click here to view the post from Wednesday to be filled in.  The latest is that we visited Teddy last night, they were able to put in an additional three drains, it was honestly really hard to see, the open wounds, the shaved body, the drains, my heart broke for poor Teddy, but he was so happy to see us and we were soooo happy to see him. Despite the pain he was in, his gentle and sweet disposition was still in check. Because there is still such a buildup of fluid, they still do not know if they can operate today, they will assess that today around 12. The two bites that were the worst tore into the muscle which is why it necessitates surgery. He is on an IV and is on heavy duty  painkillers so thankfully is comfortable and not feeling any pain. That to me is most important, just keeping the little guy comfortable. I get so mad seeing his innocent face, then thinking of how he was attacked not even seeing it coming. He is one of those dogs that just assumes everyone in the world is like him, a sweetheart and  full of kindness.

Now onto the dogs who attacked him and the owner, which so many of you have asked about. The three dogs belong to a single owner who lives about 1/4 mile away. They live on 6 acres. Belongs to a lawyer and his wife and young kids. He called me yesterday, is distraught over what happened (naturally) and you won't believe it but within an hour of what they did to Teddy, they went to another neighbors dog and killed the poor dog...this is just incredible! It is heart wrenching. Yes, the police are involved and have been from the get go. I called them immediately. They have been fabulous. My husband is friendly with our village mayor and bottom line is we are all concerned about these dogs and the threat that they are to all dogs and people around them. 

The dog owner immediately stepped up to pay the bills and whatever else is required but it goes so beyond the bills, it is safety and the fear that we all live in knowing those dogs are there. So this is still going on, but rest assured we are very much on it, and it is so tragic that it was at the sacrifice of landing Teddy in the hospital and killing another dog but something will be done. Its been a really traumatizing experience but I know Teddy is going to be OK in the end, a bit banged up and will have to stay in the hospital maybe a few days longer than originally thought, but thankfully he has such a wonderful positive attitude that i know before long he will resume his role being my walking companion, official taste tester, my kids ball chaser, and our beloved sixth family member. 

Seriously I don't remember being this touched in a very very long time as I have by your countless comments and emails.....just amazing!!!!!!! Thank you so so so much. I was saddened to hear that there were so many stories like Teddy's but inspired to hear so many happy endings too. Thank you for being there to offer support and words of friendship and compassion, it helped to brighten a very somber mood. I feel like I have been walking in a dark gray fog the last few days.  If Teddy looked better I would post a picture so for now lets just keep this image of Teddy in our hearts.....of him healthy and happy as I know he will soon be again! Promise to keep you posted! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Also I want to say that I normally try to respond to all my emails. I frankly got so many yesterday that I am a little overwhelmed. I am so touched that you took the time to write me and I did read each and every one but am juggling a lot right now ( while still getting a lot of orders out the door) plus have family coming in tomorrow for Easter so I promise I will get to them but it might be after the holiday. Thank you so much for writing.

UPDATE AS OF FRIDAY MORNING- Once again many many thanks for the barrage of kindness and well wishes, I believe that will see Teddy through this horrible ordeal. He is the best of spirits that he could be in all things considered. There is no doubt that its taken the greatest toll on me, it is so tragic just seeing him in the state he is in. Leaving him every afternoon is heart wrenching and I go through the whole cycle all over again of extreme sadness, and  incredible anger, but once I get out my good afternoon cry on the 20 minute drive home from the animal hospital I channel all that energy into staying positive however and realizing naturally that it could have been much worse, and he could have met the same fate as the other poor dog. It is a tragic situation all the way around. 

They have decided to keep the drains in for another 2 days, have gone into one of the bites and closed it up successfully and will assess the big one on the shoulder possibly on Monday.  They are keeping him comfortable, on an IV and on heavy duty painkillers/antibiotics so he is not in pain. Unfortunately he will not be home for Easter but we will make up for it when he does come home hopefully shortly after and have a nice welcome home celebration for him and serenade him with a favorite meal and some new toys. We can't wait just to give him a big hug and welcome him back to where he belongs. Thanks for your prayers, support and friendship, means THE WORLD!!!!!!
As you might imagine, I am physically, emotionally and mentally worn out. My parents are coming in today so I am going to take the weekend off to decompress from this rough week. I so miss being a part of blogland as I normally am but its not in my heart at this very minute and I know you understand. I am sure within a few days once Teddy is on the mend, and things are looking up I will be too....and we will both be on that road to recovery together. I look forward to reporting back to you on Monday! Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend.

                        Wishing you all a wonderful Happy Easter and a Happy Passover.



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