Belgian B&B De Corenbloem and Artist-Painter Angèle Boddaert



A heaven of peace, surrounded by art and culture, that is what house ‘The Corenbloem’, a Belgian B&B, stands for. I am pleased to share this Belgian Pearl with you today!

House ‘De Corenbloem’ is an 18th century manor house, situated in the heart of Bruges.

The core of House De Corenbloem is late medieval. In the 18th century it was refurbished for the first time. The guest drawing-room for example is partly rococo and partly Louis XVI. Around 1810 the house obtained its neo-classical character with a spacious empire room and a stately vestibule. Everything has been carefully preserved from the old doors to the original floorboards and mantelpieces. The owners, Dirk and Hilde Verbeke, have restored the house with respect for history. The restoration of ‘De Corenbloem’ lasted for over two years and was done with a lot of artisanal craftsmanship.


The stately vestibule - Swedish Gustavian style inspired


The entire interior has been redecorated and repainted based on traces found of the original decoration and colour palette. Because the Gustavian style inspired the original decoration and colours, it has become the leading inspiration. The colour shades of the North Sea match the regional neo-classicism perfectly. The house has been furnished with authentic 18th century furniture.



The guest’s drawing room with a rococo styled mantelpiece and…



…Louis XVI trophies over the doors.



Beautiful Swedish inspired dining room.



Let’s visit the rooms!


The Bouquets Room


The original 18th century wallpaper served as a model for the lively blue wall paintings.



The Bouquets Room bathroom.


The Rocaille Room


The doors, floorboards and stucco frames go back to the 18th century. The trompe l’oeuil decoration of the walls with rocailles and festoons is Swedish inspired.



Notice this detail of painted wall decoration!



The Rocaille Room bathroom.


The Empire Suite


This very special room was created in 1810. The green colours, the painted friezes, the ceiling frames and the doors of the wall cupboards are all female Empire style, rural and soft.



The wall cupboards.



The Empire Suite bathroom.


The Peer Gynt Suite


The name ‘Peer Gynt’ from Henrik Ibsen’s play and Edvard Grieg’s music evokes the magic of an isolated cabin in the North.





The Peer Gynt Suite bathroom.


The Garden

De Corenbloem

The garden is surrounded by high age-old walls still betraying the traces of medieval buildings.


One of the reasons I was blown away by the interior design of House’ The Corenbloem’, was that I could feel and see that the owners had restored the house with respect for history, appealing to Belgian artisans and craftsmanship!

For the repainting of the walls and the restoration of the gold leaf and the antique doors they commissioned the art historian Angèle Boddaert-Devletian. She is renowned as a designer and restorer of historical interiors. Found traces inspired her to design and repaint the walls of the rooms with elegant motives and trompe l’oeil frames.



Angèle Boddaert restoring wall paints at The Corenbloem.



Detail of a wall decoration at The Corenbloem by Angèle Boddaert.


Angèle Boddaert at work

Angèle Boddaert at work.


Angèle designs and restores wall decorations with imitation marble and wood, and trompe l’oeil. She uses traditonal techniques but works in both historical and contemporary buildings. She also designs folding screens and tables. Angèle is an art historian and an alumnus of the famous decoration school Vanderkelen-Logelain. She works in Belgium and abroad. Renowned magazines as The World of Interiors, AD Italy, Elle Décoration, Côté Ouest and Madame Figaro featured articles about Angèle and her work.

If you visit Paris you really should go to see Angèle’s work at The Patisserie Meert with its strong reputation in France and beyond. Angèle was responsible for the complete decor which combines traditional painting with playful creativity.



Patisserie Meert in Paris, decor painting by Angèle Boddaert  (image source : here)


For more information about B&B The Corenbloem, please visit


B&B de Corenbloem
St. Jorisstraat, 6, 8000 Brugge

tel +32 476 277 547


If you would love to discover more of the work of Angèle Boddaert, please visit her website

Angèle Boddaert

Angèle Boddaert - Devletian
Carmersstraat 128
8000 Brugge

Tel. + 32 50 33 17 26
Gsm + 32 475 64 46 99



I hope you enjoyed my Belgian inspired post about The Corenbloem & Angèle Boddaert. If you ever visit or if you have already visited B&B The Corenbloem, I would love to hear your thoughts about this Belgian Pearl!




  Source images and text : & unless otherwise mentionned.

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