Tuesday odds and ends and two winners!

Good morning!  Well I am back after my little 4 day hiatus and must say am thoroughly relaxed and rejuvenated. Mothers day was wonderful, relaxing and oh so peaceful! Hope yours was fabulous. Missed being in blogland, and 4 days felt like eternity, can't wait to see what I missed out on! Always good to know when you need a self implemented "time out" and mine came at a great time. I got away for a surprise visit to my mother in Va. got to go to a fabulous  spa and on the way backed stopped over for one night to DC. It was a lot of fun and a lot of activity packed into 4 days but so worth it! This is a short post and I will get back on track tomorrow.... So first order of business is the announcement of the two lucky winners, first one is the winner of the beautiful scalloped aged pot/urn and the second lucky winner gets the lovely jeweled frame.
I used random number generator and here's the lucky winners.....

Small urn goes to MELANIE ROEHM

Jeweled frame goes to KATHRYN DE LA ROSA

Please contact me ASAP to provide your shipping details.

Also a little peak at my mothers beautiful home which manages to combine beautifully the worlds of beautiful interiors with inviting and warm welcoming spaces. It is always so fantastic to "go home"! My camera died mid trip so wasn't table to capture more than I have here, but I do enjoy sharing, so here it goes.......

Lots of beautiful antiques including this extraordinary sideboard in her dining room, its massive, measures about 14 feet across!
She creates beautiful little vignettes, love how she has the antique throws strewn about...
This beautiful horsehair filled sofa is such a gorgeous color! She has lots of beautiful needlepoint and aubusson pillows gracing almost every chair and sofa!

A pretty table in the foyer
The fragrant roses and jasmine was an amazing thing to walk outside to!

I replanted her pots by the front door......

A beautiful armoire from Brazil greets you in the foyer.....

Her dining room is so elegant....
Love this guest bedroom..these were my childhood beds!

Humm.....I guess there is such a thing as passing along the blue and white gene!

Another gorgeous armoire!
The other pretty and cozy guest room.....

Another pretty tapestry.......

Since I didn't have my cameras battery anymore, took a few pics with my iPhone of the beautiful St. Regis hotel and restaurant, shown here J'Adour....highly recommend both.

Done by renowned architect David Rockwell...its fabulous!

The building is exquisite

These chandelier definitely caught my eye

The gorgeous lobby

I was so happy to come home to find out that the  beautiful post Leslie just posted about me and the building of our home on her beautiful and inspirational blog has posted....hope you will stop over to take a look. A lot of people didn't know she had a blog...yes that Leslie of the fabulous and incomparable Segreto Finishes!! Its worth knowing about, trust me! Click here to take a look...............and thank you Leslie for such a beautifully put together, composed and very flattering post! Its a keepsake for sure.

Also came home to a ton of boxes, lots to unload, pack up and send off. I never get tired of looking, feeling and touching  all of it, especially the European kitchen goodies..they are just so fabulous! I love love love entertaining with them and  keeping them on display as every day kitchen decorative objects. Definitely one of the perks of being a shopkeeper, getting to see all the fabulous loot. Downside is wanting everything that comes through my doors!

Love the large rectangular trivets for serving antipasta, cheeses, fruit,etc.....

They are heavy and very substantial looking

Have a beautiful waxed finish

Never tire of looking at the beautiful dough bowls!

And these Bavarian bread boards are such decorative and functional pieces

As are the Spanish olive trays....

What can I say.....I love it all!

Coming home to see Teddy's adorable face and this beautiful huge copper teapot given as a housewarming gift from a group of friends was a special perk....it is exquisite and immediately felt right at home! They had purchased it from a company in France...and it came all the way over with a broken spout! So the new replacement has arrived from one of my favorite countries in perfect condition and I am so happy it is here....... Love it!!

So that's my little Tuesday wrap up. Will be back tomorrow....hope alls well with you and that you have a fabulous day! Would love to know whats new and exciting with you....do tell!

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