Which would you choose?

Hi, how was your weekend? Hopefully wonderful! We had a nice one, were in the city, had dinner with friends, a wonderful brunch, mixed in with some downtime and even a little work, not too much but just enough to feel like I made it a productive but enjoyable weekend. Today's Which would you choose is devoted to a big day coming up for us moms......its the Mothers Day edition! So...imagine this, you have been a good mother. A very good mother. You are told that you get to choose a special meal lunch or dinner at the place of your choosing for a very special "day off".

Your loved ones want to reward you with a special and memorable meal anywhere your little heart desires. This special outing is a much needed time out to relax, to sit back and be pampered, and wined and dined however you wish! Don't you worry your pretty little head about the logistics, getting their, cost, what to wear,etc...Just imagine all those details have been magically taken care of.  So.........you know the drill, its your turn to choose your absolute favorite setting here!! I am so curious to see who comes out on top and just where it is you will be headed for your special Mothers day destination meal......

                                          CHOICE 1 A small intimate dinner on the beach
Hansar Samui

CHOICE 2 Cocktails and dinner on a yacht

CHOICE 3  A picnic at a local favorite park

CHOICE 4 Dinner in Paris!

CHOICE 5 Catered dinner under the stars......

CHOICE 6 Sunset in Venice

CHOICE 7 Safari soiree

CHOICE 8 A big gathering in Napa

CHOICE  9 An elegant dinner by the lake

CHOICE 10 Dinner high in the sky in NYC

CHOICE 11  A rustic Tuscan feast in Italy!

CHOICE 12 Elegant clambake on the beach with your nearest and dearest

CHOICE 13 Dinner set up on your own patio/terrace

CHOICE 14 Candelit dinner poolside

Truth be told...I could be happy in any one of them. But something about Mothers day dinner in Tuscany, Napa or on the beach is calling my name! How about you? Don't forget to enter the giveaway for the beautiful crystal urn candle over at Art by Karena. Click here to visit and be eligible! Wishing you a fabulous day......


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