Mid week musings......

Hi..how is your week going? Mine is good, busy (what else is new) BUT very productive!! I won't be posting again until later Friday or  Saturday but this is a long enough post to stretch over a few days....have a busy few days ahead including a houseguest and various other commitments. I was originally going to break this into two posts but instead merged them to create one big looooong post!

I must say, I feel good about my new resolve to start working on this house with renewed vigor, I know its going to take time but I am feeling more optimistic and not nearly as overwhelmed as I was last week, of course I realize that this could change at any moment so....am enjoying this 'feeling in control" sensation while it lasts!

 My online shop keeps me really busy but I am getting into more of a routine and now trying to ship out just twice a week which is making some parts of this endeavor more manageable. I also have some interior design opportunities that I am not going to take on now but possibly in the fall......would love to get my feet wet though I do  feel like I am getting a refresher crash course with my own house! So here begins all the randomness........sit down, grab a cup of coffee...yes, its one of those posts!

A few exciting things happened here lately.....
  • I found fabric for the window treatments for my powder room
  • The wallpaper in my guest bath is getting hung TODAY!
  • The window treatments in my bathroom got hung..its a love!
  • The bench got installed for the back stair hall, now just waiting on a few pillows
  • Finalized layout for my living room..its a start!
  • Found fabric for my dining room chairs (I think, waiting on sample)
For me, this is a lot and I feel great having gotten this all done. At last the ball is rolling once again! So first some pictures of some of the above then a little Teddy update and last some store tidbits.

Took these two pics at twilight.....our landscaping is not done but it stil looked so pretty and green........

I am thinking of ordering these chairs (a pair) for my bedroom..have always loved it. I was originally thinking maybe for my bathroom but its too big in scale, I want something even daintier for my bath but my bedroom or sitting area..these to me, are darn near perfect. What do you think? I could see it with a beautiful little boudoir pillow on it. 
Its a beauty if you ask me!

The windowseat cushion....LOVE it! Just visualize now it being full of pretty plump pillows!

And my bathroom....I cannot tell you how much I am in love with the way it came out. Its really coming together, now just waiting on my sconces and chandelier and we are all set!  So happy I went with  my gut on this one, it is exactly as I had hoped! Drumrolll please.......

I doubled the trim, took a blue and an ivory and made my own..its perfect!

Love the peek of gingham.....

For husbands bath in desperate need of window treatments, lest we "treat' our guests to a front row seat to my husband in the flesh! In the end decided against pattern and keeping it tonal with a beautiful creamy white linen and a pretty patterned tape to create a little pattern and this one is perfect as the circle mimics the floor design, thoughts?

Finally my two cents on decorating in general.....go with your gut, trust your instincts. I cannot stress this enough, I have, 9 times out of 10 when I have done this,  been not only happy but overjoyed with my decisions and I dont' budge anymore (used to but got tough) and just hang on until I can complete "my vision". So worth it in the end! TRUST ME ON THIS!

Moving onto Teddy, my ever so popular buddy....hes doing well. Really happy, his same chill self, love his disposition and how everything rolls right off his back,he is the most gentle dog I have ever seen. For as mellow as Golden Retrievers tend to be, he takes the "chill factor" to a whole new level.....wish it could rub off:) So, since so many of you are so kind to ask, here's a little "photo sesh" I had with the man, thought you might enjoy.......

To heck with this, I am going into the pool.......

One paw at a time......

OK, OK....I am going!

Yea, this feels pretty good, gotta admit!

At this point, he is saying "OK woman, enough with the camera".....OK OK!
Now I am happy so time to call it a day!
This is the good life......he deserves it, after all he went through!

And finally some shop biz......added the following new porcelains to the shop You will see I concentrate mostly on blue and white, as it seems that's what many want and cannot find so readily but do know I have access to virtually any color and I have included a few that I can get or have one or two of that are exquisite. Did a housecleaning and several items were removed either because they are sold out or they are discontinued, but I did add several more.....

Also adding some new pieces to the statuary line which I love so much...I want one of everything! These will be up and available for order by Thursday.

How stunning are the new pewter equestrian napkin rings that I got in? One customer is throwing an equestrian themed luncheon and ordered 2 dozen for her tables. Gorgeous!
The "horsebit" ring

And "the saddle" ring!

For anyone who has bought items from my store...LOVE seeing how you are using your goodies! Please send me pictures to add to my inspiration page featuring your homes on my site. I have already started adding some real beauties and its such fun to see these things being used in real homes...so keep your pictures coming. You can email me a picture directly or use this link (which is also online) under 'Your enchanted homes" tab! You never know when I might decide to announce a contest or something, just saying............

One of my customer/readers of my blog sent me a few pictures of the items she got from me and in the interim I discovered her lovely blog. Its a newer blog and one worth absolutely sharing. Zaneta is quite a stylemaker, many of you might already know of her..but in any case here is her blog. She did a lovely post on my shop for which I am so grateful, but in the meantime....its a blog you want to know about! 

Last order of business...curious to see which bedrooms took the top four prizes in this weeks Which would you choose? I am happy to say the 1st, 2nd place, and 4th place were three of my four faves....I mean who can resist an all white bedroom, a gorgeous golden room with a crowned bed and that black bed, can you just say, fabulous!  It was much closer than I expected, there were really 4 or 5 which received the majority of the votes and then every other one received at least a handful. Here they are......

1st place with 22 votes

2nd place tied with 16 votes each

3rd place with 12 votes

4th place with 11 votes

Phew!!!!!! Well that wraps up this weeks happenings. I am so excited,hoping to go see "Best exotic Marigold Hotel" today! I cannot wait, from the minute I saw the preview knew I had to see it. Love movies filmed in and about India.  Anyone see it? Anyone want to see it? Looks fabulous! If you are like me with your penchant for movies filmed in India, hope you saw The Namesake? Amazing movie that I liked so much I bought it...its poignant, touching and just a beautiful movie (but sad, just a forewarning)! Wishing everyone a fantastic day!


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