Can we talk?

Hello there and happy Sunday evening to you!  I am starting something new.... a new series, "Can we talk". Thiis will be a post for all of us to get in on the conversation. I believe and say it often that one of the huge perks of blogging is the incredible exchange of information, tips, advice, its truly amazing. I personally have learned so much and the same thing from my readers.

So this will be a day to discuss anything and everything. It could be interior design trends, movies, books, beauty products, clothing trends, design tips, you name it...nothing is off limits (well I don't really mean nothing:)

So today's first post in this series is being kicked off with the subject of beauty products. Lets face it...we all love them, have them and use them. Some more than others. Some rely on Burt's Bees lip balm and maybe a moisturizing whereas others have an entire arsenal that could make up every face in a small African country. And to my male are included here!  I know my "non product loving' husband could benefit from your expertise!  I personally love products, I am truly a kid in a candy shop when I walk into a store like Sephora....that is where my ADD really comes to light:)

So...below are 7 products I use and buy religiously. I love them, have used them for years and they are just part of my everyday routine. So, now its your turn. What are your go to products? What can you just not live without? Makeup, skin care, body care, hair name it. We want to know!

 Thanks as always for stopping by and sharing your two cents. It's always such a treat to read your comments and hear what you have to say. I must say my readership not only has superb taste but are might savvy too! Wishing you a great Sunday evening!


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