Which would you choose? Beauty edition!

Hi there hope you had a wonderful weekend. So..did you watch the Golden Globes last night? I did, was happy to see Ben recognized, especially after the Oscar snubs. Overall I was a little disappointed in the fashion...I often walk away thinking with all the resources known to mankind at their fingertips, that's the best they can do? Some were wonderful, others well......had plenty of room for improvement. I think a few stylists heads may roll today. And then there was Jodie's speech, so many were left scratching their heads over that one......But fun...yes, always fun to watch! Thanks to everyone for weighing in on my post yesterday about Golden Globes fashion. I will share the results later in the week.  We went to a wine tasting dinner which was such fun, lots to learn but the education is definitely the fun part. Took down all my Christmas decor, made me a little sad...suddenly that Christmas magic is in the attic, feels a little barren without it. Maybe next year I will leave it up until Valentines! 
Today's Which would you choose is a fun one and one that I hope will generate a lot of comments and feedback. Beauty. Lets just pretend, the beauty fairies came to you and said you can only use one beauty product from now on...just ONE! Which would you choose? Which is that one product you cannot imagine life without? Would be it that perfect shade of lipstick, your favorite bronzer, that 911 in a tube, mascara or your favored moisturizer? 
So here we go....you get to pick just one. And in the comments if you have a product you really cannot live without and just swear by, tell us about it! One of the wonderful perks of blogging is the sharing of information and i cannot tell you how many fabulous ideas i have gotten this way! So its your turn, here we go..........
CHOICE 1 Lipstick

 CHOICE 2 Bronzing powder
CHOICE 3 Lipliner

CHOICE 4 Eyeshadow

CHOICE 5 Foundation
CHOICE 6 Mascara
CHOICE 7 Concealer
CHOICE 8 Eyeliner
CHOICE 9 Highlighter

CHOICE 10 Moisturizer
CHOICE 11 Facial scrub
CHOICE 12 Facial mask
I know I know, kind of hard to narrow it down to just one right? I mean normally it requires a mini battalion of "helpers" to accentuate our beauty that is naturally already there :) OK if you really have to pick more than one, go ahead. Which are most important? Which could you just not imagine living without? And is there any one or two products in your beauty treasure chest that are just "must haves"? Do tell!

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