Which would you choose?

I had to add word verification to my comments box. The amount of pesky anonymous commenters with their links was out of control. Hoping doing this for a few days will ward them off......fingers crossed!
Now for the fun party....and oh this is a fun one. Right up my alley....lets just say the foodie fairies have knocked on your door. They have delivered the news that one celebrity chef (American based) of your choice is going to be coming to your house this weekend!! That is right YOUR house, so get that guest bedroom ready!
 On night one she/he will prepare a feast/dinner party  for you and all your close friends and families (can you say par-tay)  and the second night they will make anything your little heart desires for your own family. Imagine that......a dream chef in your kitchen two nights in a row! Did I mention she/he is bringing his assistant who will do all the prep and clean up? Yep, so while you are kicking back on your comfy chair  they will be busy both before and after the meal....sound good? I thought you might agree! So here we go, remember you get one! Take your pick.........
CHOICE 1 Mario Batali
CHOICE 2 Giada De Laurentis
CHOICE 3 Emeril Lagasse
CHOICE 4 Ina Garten
CHOICE 5 Bobby Flay
CHOICE 6 Michael Chiarello
CHOICE 7 Thomas Keller
CHOICE 8 Paula Dean
CHOICE 9 Jamie Oliver 
CHOICE 10 Gordon Ramsey
CHOICE 11 Daniel Boloud
CHOICE 12 Rachel Ray
Oh boy..this is not easy. Tough choice, I agree. I love so many of them. Sorry, Gordon ruled you out immediately, you scare me and I would be petrified to have you come in and start critiquing, I am quite sure you might bring me to tears :) I already feel like Ina and I are good friends (she just doesn't know it) and I could really imagine a whole host of others in my kitchen working their magic....so whose your pick! Your turn! Hope you have  a delicious day.....

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