A game of tag and I am it! Plus a giveaway!

Good morning! Have I intrigued you with this "game of tag"? Heres the lowdown.... Anne Marie from the chic blog, 10 rooms "tagged me". Do visit her fabulously chic blog if you don't visit it already, click here to visit 10 rooms!  Curious I admittedly was...as  I had no idea what this was until I read on with amusement and realized this is just a grown ups version of an old favorite. The idea here is that a blogger "tags" another blogger and gives them 11 questions to answer in a post, then that blogger "tags" another 11 bloggers, and comes up with their own 11 questions and so on.

Fun fun fun. So Anne Marie, thank you for giving me an excuse to sit and relax and ponder these fantastic questions! It was a neat exercise, one I am happy to pass onto others! Isn't her blog header like the coolest thing! I am getting sidetracked...sorry, but when I see things of beauty I develop a sudden case of ADD! Anywho..here we go, and thanks Anne Marie for including me!

1. What is your day job? Domestic goddess. JUST KIDDING. Wife, mother, part time interior designer,blogger, family organizer extraordinaire, private chef (to my family..lol)

2. Why did you start blogging? As a way to fill a creative outlet and nurture an incessant bug to express myself, it was and is a wonderful outlet to practice my writing, share the building and decorating process and to learn, learn  learn like nobody's business!

3. What is the best thing that has come from blogging? For sure, the friendships,and the people that I have met. I have  connected with so many wonderful, like minded people from all over the world that I would otherwise never have met. And the connections in general that might result in some interesting endeavors down the road.

4. How and where do you find inspiration? All over the place, books, people whose taste I admire, other blogs, art, culture,great designers and tastemakers, the building and research process, architecture, great design

5. If you could live anywhere, where would you be? Well since we just moved, I am quite happy with where I am but if you wanted to give me a weekend place in Napa Valley, you won't hear any complaints from me:)

6. Who is your favourite artist? Monet, to me the absolute master of the universe in French impressionism, if anyone wants to give me one as a housewarming gift, I have a spot waiting for it...come to mama.

7. What's playing on your iPod? Don't judge me, but I don't have one. Well I did, my boys gave me one for Mothers day but somehow my 16 year old "adopted it" temporarily and it hasn't found its way back since. But if you want to know what kind of music I like, I like a big range, everything from Coldplay to Beethoven to Bossa  Nova to Chris Brown to techno...weird huh?

8. How do you spend your day off? Lots of lounging (preferable in PJ's) catching up on mail/email/reading, maybe a movie, or getting together with a friend. Its a no pressure time so whatever strikes my fancy

9. Who would you most like to meet? Not one person jumps out at me, but if Diana were still alive I would have chosen her.I have such a profound sense of respect for the person she was, the mother, wife and role model that she grew into being.

10. Best childhood memory? The endless hours I spent at the stables. I got my first horse around 12 and became obsessed with it. Riding and hanging at the stables was my life. My best friends were all there and every minute outside of school was spent there, in the snow, rain,ice, whatever...nothing kept us away!  From the crack of dawn before the bus came until well after sunset....good times!

11. What is your favourite colour? Blue in all its many beautiful shades
And now the fun part, the 11 other bloggers who I am passing this onto as well as the questions I have come up with for you to answer. Have fun!

(Trying to also include blogs that I haven't done something like this with)

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And now my questions that await your deep thoughts and pondering.......

1. Do you have a hobby? Tell me about it, if not tell me a hobby you wish you had!
2. Whats worse, failing at something or never trying to begin with?
3. Would you rather be a great cook or a great designer?
4. If you could only have two rooms in your house which would they be?
5. Tell me which 2 famous people you would choose to have dinner with (dead or alive)
6. What are four descriptive words that describe you well?
7. Best book or two that you read in the last year?
8. What do you miss most about being a kid?
9. If you had a freaky Friday experience and had to trade places with one person for one day, who would it be? Why that person?
10. Describe a perfect day for you from morning till evening.....
11. A place in the world you have never been that you would love to go......

Thanks Anne Marie, and to all the unsuspecting bloggers up there:) Enjoy, its a fun exercise and lets keep this going. Its always great fun to get to know a little more about our fellow bloggers!

Last.....for those of you who do not know about the fabulous Segreto signed book giveaway, click here to visit yesterdays post. A great opportunity to win an amazing coffee table book by Segreto, the master in the world of finishing! I will announce the winner tomorrow.

Wishing everyone a fabulous day!

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Have a super afternoon!

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