Kitchens I love and ‘Kitchens I Have Loved’


Yes indeed, a kitchen post today! We all know that kitchens are one of the favorite subjects of bloggers. There is so much to read and to see about kitchens. From country kitchens to comtemporary kitchens. No matter what type of kitchen you love, you will find your dream kitchen somewhere at the unnamable amount of blogposts.

And I have to admit that I filed lots of kitchen images since I started reading blogs a few years ago.

Today I posted some images of my all time favorite kitchens.

But before scrolling down to these images, I want to introduce you to a new blog, titled ‘KITCHENS I HAVE LOVED’ .

The author of the blog, Billie Henninger, living in Canandaigua NY, started her blog to present her journey through kitchens she has loved in her personal life and those she has loved from designers. She will not only write about kitchen design but she even loves to share with us all things related to kitchens as cooking tips, art with the kitchen as a central theme etc.

Billie is one of the ‘first hour’ readers of my blog and from time to time she emailed me giving me a lot of tips or links, or books she wanted me to know, or interesting things about design she wanted to share! That is why we became friends. So Billie is a wonderful and generous person. And I definitely wanted to do something in return to Billie, now she started her own blog.

That is why I would love to ask you a favour. Please, may I ask you to go over to Billie’s brand new blog ‘Kitchens I Have Loved’ and to comment on one of her first posts? And you would please Billie even more if you decided to follow her blog. We, as blogauthors, do all know, we were so happy when we discovered someone had commented one of our first posts or when we noticed that the amount of followers was growing. Isn’t it? I definitely was! So why shouldn't we encourage Billie to go on writing beautiful kitchen posts.

Si I do hope you might do Billie (and even me) this favour. We would be very thankful !

Click on the logo of the blog to visit Billie at ‘Kitchens I Have Loved’


The following pictures I took from Billie’s blog.

brugge8Source Kitchens I Have Loved


Kitchens I hav loved 2Source Kitchens I Have Loved


cuisine_010_aSource Kitchens I Have Loved


2012-02-14_131536 Source Kitchens I Have Loved


06-08  Source Kitchens I Have Loved



And now for all of you, the images of my all time favorite kitchens.

010A kitchen by Beatrix Kleuver.


004 The private kitchen of antiques dealers Brigitte and Alain Garnier.


405658_307659542613647_153228454723424_870440_1375984418_n The private kitchen of Natalie Haegeman.


006 Image found at Cote de Texas.


009 Image found at Eclectic Revisited.


012 Image found at FB Decorating with Stephanie Tuliglowski.


007 Image source unknown.


013Image Amy Howard Daily.


008 Kitchen by Pamela Pierce.   Photo credit Peter Vitale


005 Architect Benoit Viaene.


003 One of my favorite Belgian kitchens.  Image source Belgian interior design magazine Wonen Landelijke Stijl n°41.


016 Image source here.


I might think that you all have seen the following 3 images going around in blogland last year.

It is a kitchen that is seen at the website of architect Kevin Harris.

Joni of the blog Cote de Texas posted the images of this most wonderful kitchen at one of her latest blogposts about a Tuscan villa in the US.  Not only the kitchen of this house is beautiful, but the entire house is to die for! You really have to check out Joni’s post about the Kevin Harris Tuscan villa HERE.

014 Image source Kevin Harris via Cote de Texas   Photo credit Chipper Hatter

I love everything about this kitchen : the kitchen floor, beamed ceiling, boarded kitchen island, the plastered kitchen hood, the chosen furniture.

If I will ever have the intention to redesign my own kitchen, these images will be my source of inspiration.

019 Image source Kevin Harris via Cote de Texas  Photo credit Chipper Hatter


018 Image source Kevin Harris via Cote de Texas  Photo credit Chipper Hatter


Do you have a favorite kitchen image?


Happy Valentine!!!



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