Sundays Random musings and a mini house update!

Hi there! Hope your weekend is going well. Ours has been a busy one, busier truth be told than I would have liked. I had visions of me staying in my pjs all weekend long, just chilling. So did not happen. We had people working all over the place yesterday, then we went into the city for a birthday party last night and today my darling husband has invited our friends over, whose house we go to every single year for the Superbowl. Now I totally understand his not wanting to leave our house, having just moved, I feel the same way but having to suddenly prepare a Superbowl spread kind of caught me off guard as I have been so busy all week so engrossed in unpacking and settling in. 

He also invited two of our other friends over (brothers) so we will be a total of nine. I decided I am doing an appetizer party, who needs dinner when you can have a bevy of wonderful, delectable tapas type foods? Anyone else with me on this?  So I am preparing some things and buying others,  my three favorites are my pesto/feta dip served with warmed crostinis, my empenadas and my baked brie, then I am buying sliders, pigs in a blanket, a Parmesan artichoke dip, am doing a big tray of Italian cheeses and sausages with breads, and another dish with guacamole, humus and salsa and tortillas. Then finally I am picking up a tray of sushi from a nearby Japanese restaurant that is excellent. With luck, there will be some leftovers for Monday! The idea being if I serve enough it is sure to yield a nice arrangement of leftovers.

One of my best friends stopped over the other day and gave me the most beautiful miniature (about 2 feet tall) white azalea plant and knowing me well, had it planted in a gorgeous blue and white container. It looks amazing no matter where I put it! It looks so pretty on the console in my family room, proof that blue and white really does work anywhere! She also generously gave me a beautiful coffee table book,Versailles, which has so many incredible images, recommended for anyone in love with France like I am.  I had to share a few pictures. So what about you? Are you excited about the Superbowl or are you like me, and its all about the food? Would love to hear what you are up to! 

If you are thinking at this point "gee how many pictures is she going to take of the same thing" I got it out of my system, not to worry...when I love something I get a little carried away!

And another one of my oldest and dearest friends stopped by with this beautiful little Wedgewood bud vase. So delicate and sweet. Can't wait to add a pretty rose to it.

And finally we uncovered just the tower part of the floors (after being so sick of seeing them covered for the last 6 months)!! So nice to see the floors again!

Here's the newest iron chandelier for breakfast room, we are putting it up hopefully tomorrow or Tues. Fingers crossed it looks great!

Remember the vanity I was unsure about for powder room, well we found a new home for it..and I love it here.
Looks a little bare, but wtih lighting, sconces and accessories, its perfect. 

Well, I am off to the market to beat the pre Superbowl frenzy fighting for food like its the Apocalypse or something. Wishing you a fun day whatever you might be doing! Go Giants! (I had to say it)


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