Which would you choose and Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines day!! What are you doing on this red hot day? Anything off the charts special or something simple? I don't personally get overly excited about Valentines day, I mean when I was dating or when I first got married, yes, it carried more weight but now its just another opportunity to indulge in a box of chocolates with no guilt. Lets make that less guilt:) And if my husband chooses to serenade me with a trinket or two,  then I am even happier. This year my gift is my closet and I cannot imagine a more beautiful gift, so thank you sweetie, it will be the gift that keeps on giving!!  We always, every year without fail,  go out with one of my best friends and her husband for our annual "Valentines day dinner".  Looking forward!
Instead of coming up with a red post or a pink post, my take on Valentines day is a "Which would you choose". So lets imagine this.....you and your husband, significant other, or someone you are dating and really like has invited you out to a special dinner. A very special dinner. He/she  will not divulge a single detail, other than instructing you to wear something you feel great in, and to wear your best smile. Yes, I can do that. So........where is this 'fantasy dinner' to take place? Well, that's for you to choose. So feast your eyes on these magnificent tables for two and tell me where your dream Valentines day dinner will be!! Happy Valentines Day!

                                                        CHOICE 1....in Venice!

CHOICE 2....on African safari

                                                    CHOICE 3...direct oceanfront!

CHOICE 5....in a vineyard

CHOICE 6....poolside by candlelight

                                                    CHOICE 7.....on the sound at sunset

                                                      CHOICE 8.....Greek islands

CHOICE 9...in Paris with a view

                                          CHOICE 10....on a remote  beach in Hawaii

CHOICE 10.....in the middle of a country lake

CHOICE 11...under the stars 

CHOICE 12....at home in front of a roaring fire

This is a tough one for me, I am totally torn between Venice,Paris and the direct oceanfront....and yet sitting in front of a roaring fire in the comfort of my own home sounds amazing too. Plus you said I could wear anything, does that include pj's!! I wish I could visit each and every one of these! How about you? Where can you see spending your romantic dinner? Tell me why you chose what you chose.  Any special plans or exotic locales in your Valentines day future? Do tell! I want to hear all about it!! Wishing you all a wonderful day and a very happy and sweet Valentines!


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