Designer Spotlight: Joy Tribout

Good morning my dear readers!! I have missed you these last five days. So missed being in blogland and have a lot of catching up to do!  Hope your week has gone well......while I didn't get to take my planned southern road trip (time did not allow for it but rest assured it WILL happen),  I did get to go to DC, Richmond and ended up back in Charlottesville for a short trip with my sister. Had a much to see and love. I will post more about it this weekend, once I have had a chance to catch my breath and get organized!

In the meantime, this was in my draft box and thought it would be a great time to post it and share this beautiful collection of rooms. Joy Tribout's work is just incredible. I love every one of her rooms and could happily live in any of them. If you aren't familiar with Joy's work, then to see more. This is a portfolio very much worth seeing!

I have posted various rooms by this designer but realized I never did a Designer spotlight on her and boy does she deserve it!  This is one busy and super talented designer. I love her broad range, her amazing finesse at mixing patterns and color and her obvious attention to details, all exquisite. Joy, you are a super talented designer and it is a true joy to present your beautiful body of work today!

Pretty talented lady, don't you think? to see more about Joy's work. I love her style and expect that we will continue to see more and more of her work. Enjoy your Thursday and hope you have had a wonderful week. Until tomorrow......

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